Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep8

Episode 8

  • The last leg of the competition takes place - the swimming part. And who won? Well, somebody turned off the lights on the moment of truth.
  • Ji Hoo and Jan Di won't be expelled, and the issue will be taken as if it never happened so they had to celebrate for a victory and they had a date.
  • But unfortunately(or was it fortunate for Jan Di/Jun Pyo?) everything about the rest of the date only made Jan Di think of Jun Pyo even if she's with her first love Ji Hoo. On the other hand, Jun Pyo too was thinking of her.
  • Then, after calling it quits for Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo, the F4 plotted a prank for Jan Di and Jun Pyo to patch things up. And after that, they then went on a date and Jun Pyo surprised Jan Di's family by paying a visit and asking her parents if he could spend the night in their house.

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