Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Park Hyo Shin's After Love MV

It's been a couple of days since the last day of class for 2009 but I haven't been catching up with the latest Kpop releases. I don't even watch end-of-the-week music shows (like Music Core, Music Bank, and SBS Inkigayo) anymore. Why? Well it's because I've been addicted to a new Korean drama Iris plus I've been watching a lot of movies these days. I still update myself with the lates Kpop news of course. I can't last a day without checking Allkpop and these news are also all over Twitter and Facebook so I can't avoid it.

Kpop scene is just getting worse as 2009 ends. Scandals and saddening rumors and controversies are everywhere. Recently Super Junior's Hankyung, their only Chinese member, is rumored to be leaving the group. He filed a complaint about his contract under SM in court and then one thing led to another, because of the issue (and the korean netizens perhaps), their youngest member Kyuhyun, closed his Cyworld homepage to the public. I'm really sad about what's happening and I don't want my favorite Kpop idol group to face the same problem as DBSK. I don't want to think about such sad things for now since it's Christmas. I don't want to be sad. I just wish that they won't end the year with a lot of issues unsettled. ELFs can't lose Super Junior, the 13 of them. Another scandal is Lee Byung Hun's of Iris. I hope that issue will be solved too. I really admire him and he's just starting to break through Hollywood and all this is coming up. Makes sense right?

Speaking of Lee Byung Hun, as I was looking for a music video of the OST of Iris today, I found another heartbreaking video by Park Hyo Shin(박 효신). This guy is really amazing. I love his voice. There's so much emotion that he puts to it when he sings. This song After Love(사랑 후에) is from his latest album The Gift. Actually there are two music videos for the song (part1 and part2). It's like a mini-movie. It's a very sad love story. I don't mean to make you sad this Christmas but I thought I must share this videos.

Part 2

Part 1

I'm loving Korean ballads even more. I really need to make room for more of Park Hyo Shin and other ballad MV downloads in the future so I think I should backup my files now. I think I will need a virtual tape library vtl. Anyhow, I purposely posted the Part2 first because I think it would be more dramatic if you watch part2 first. You'll appreciate the videos even more.

PS. Do you know that Park Hyo Shin sang Taeyang's Only Look at Me? And his cover was also beautiful.  Also check out his song Snow Flower. I like it too.

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  1. okay after watching the videos again.. for the nth time. i'm convinced that part2 was released first.. hehehe