Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too Much Drama

The Vampire Diaries, Glee, God of Study, Personal Taste. What could be crazier than watching 4 TV shows/Dramas! Well, only an out-of-school youth like me can do that. Haha!

A lot of TV shows are having their new season premieres this month. And Glee just aired its first episode for season 2 yesterday. Everybody's been anticipating that episode especially for the entrance of new characters! I guess a lot of Filipinos are now converted Gleeks because our very own Charice Pempengco is now part of the show. She's playing Sunshine Corazon, a Filipino exchange student in McKinley High who'll be Rachel's new rival. There's also Coach Beiste, who replaced Ken Tenaka as the football team coach. Another eye-candy added to the show is Sam, a new member of the football team. Glee opened up the season with a lot of new characters, and I'm just so excited of what's gonna happen in the next episodes.
 The next series, which also just started its second season this month is The Vampire Diaries. My sister started watching this show last summer but since I was so busy with the Cisco certification and all, I wasn't able to join her in her TVD marathon. I downloaded the whole Season 1 yesterday and finished watching up to episode 8 and I have to admit I'm so hooked! Stefan and Damon Salvatore are damn hot vampires! The story's really interesting too. After The Twilight Series became a big hit in the bookstores and the theatres, vampire-themed shows/movies/books are gaining more and more popularity these days. But in my opinion, The Vampire Diaries is much better than Twilight. Elena Gilbert is way much prettier than Bella, and she's also less melodramatic. Also, Stefan and Damon Salvatore combined is like 200 times better and hotter than the very pale Edward Cullen. Hahaha! Stefan and Damon are both vampires, and brothers in the story who once fell in love with the same woman and it looks like another love triangle is going to happen this time with Elena. If you're a fanatic of Twilight, and you love romantic vampire love stories, then this series is definitely a must-watch.

Now on to the Korean Dramas, I am currently watching  God of Study starring the very cute Yoo Seung Ho. This drama has been on my hard disk since May but I only started watching it this week because after I finished Cinderella's Sister(which by the way is a really good drama) last month, I felt like I wanted to rest from watching dramas. God of Study is a 16-episode drama "about a poor attorney who leaves a well known law firm so as to not be compromised by unethical activities. He takes on Byung Moon High School,known for troublesome, poor students and on the verge of shutting down. He takes on the challenge to have 5 students accepted into Chun Ha University, a top national university."

Another Korean drama I've been meaning to watch for months now is Personal Taste which is starred by Lee Minho and Son Ye Jin. I've heard so many positive reviews about the drama. I'm still on episode 1 so I can't say a lot about the drama yet. But so far, I think Lee Minho really improved from his performance in Boys Over Flowers. Also, his outfits in this drama are really, really good.

So that's it.

The Vampire Diaries - Episode 8
Glee - Episode 1
God of Study - Episode 3
Personal Taste - Episode 1

I hope I can finish all of them this month. Except for Glee which just started airing.


  1. Personal Taste is AWESOME for every Lee Min Ho fan. On a romcom drama scale as compared to other EPIC romcoms, it'd score aroung 7 or 8 points (POV of an objective audience) but as I am MinHo's fan, its a TEN.

    He rocked every suit he wore in the drama. I had a new perspective of looking at corporate attires for men. So stylish and cool. Made me wish men would dress as smart as his character in PT.

    God of study? Cinderella's sister? Are they tearjerkers?

    I am soooo over vampires now. That phase of my life is over. LOL

  2. hahaha! true! he was like doing a fashion show of corporate attires! and i'm still on episode 1.

    God of study is fun, it'll inspire you to study. It should have come out when we were still on high school. Haha!

    Cinderella's Sister is a tearjerker. What can you expect. It's Moon Geun Young. It's nice though.. But if you don't like overly melodramatic kdramas, you won't like it.

    I also like her fashion style in the drama. Hehe