Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Breakthrough in Insurance Industry

The last time I cared about insurance was a few years ago when my mom's friend used to visit us a lot because she wanted to convince my mom about buying an insurance and ask her for help in getting more customers. That was when I was still a kid, back when insurance selling in the Philippines is still a house-to-house task. Now, it's different. Because we're now in the internet generation, there's nothing that you can't find in the world wide web just as there's nothing that Google can't help you.

For insurance shoppers, there are A LOT of insurance companies worldwide that you can check out and available online. Looking for which company and which health insurance package isn't a problem anymore because there are tons to choose from. Another useful concept is about health insurance leads. This is definitely a great help for insurance agents and brokers. If before insurance agents need to go house-to-house and spend time, effort, and money on sometimes a fruitless search, today, there are companies like ProspectZone whose work is to connect insurance shoppers and insurance agents. This way, their search for insurance buyers is more effective.

Basically, the process would be like this, ProspectZone has a lot of connections to qualified health insurance shoppers and when a prospect shopper wants to search for an insurance agent, the health insurance lead is forwarded to insurance agents subscribed in their areas. This offers a great deal for both the insurance shopper and the insurance agent. Thanks to health insurance leads companies like this for bridging the insurance needs of shoppers and the search for qualified prospects of insurance agents.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Love Love on Valentine's Month

In a few hours it will be February. Time flew so fast and January's over. Well it's the Love Month again since Valentine's Day, one of the most celebrated day all over the world, is fast approaching. I'm sure couples are now planning their dream Valentine's date and the Valentine Gifts they'll give for their partners in that special day. Whether you'll give your loved one a dinner date, a heart-shaped pillow, a dozen of red roses, a box of chocolates, or an expensive gift, what's important is the reason why we gave him or her that gift. So what really is the essence of  giving Valentine Gifts? It's not the financial worth of it but how much love you put to it right?

In South Korea they have cute celebrations of love too. On Valentines day, girls give the guy they like chocolates and on the following month, March 14, they have the White Day where the guys give candies to the girls in return. Interesting isn't it? They have Valentine gifts too.

So about my Valentine's Day celebration? Well for me, I'm looking forward to lots of Valentine movies that I'll watch with my friends. Paano na Kaya which premiered last 27th is a good movie to start my February 14 movie marathon. And I'm also excited for Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston's treat for love story fans and of course the comeback of one of Philippines' most successful love team John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo. Yup, I'll be celebrating Valentines Day with my friends having movie marathons. Who says V-day is only for couples?

Friday, January 29, 2010

SNSD is Back with 'Oh!'

Yes, the girls who rocked 2009 with Gee and Tell Me Your Wish are back with their second album Oh!. Their music video featured the 9 cute girls wearing cheerleading outfits. SM Entertainment never fail to give them good and very catchy song. Just like last year, I bet Oh! is going to top the charts and be a hit not only in Korea but also in the rest of the world (considering 1M views of their MV in SM's Youtube channel).
I love their new look especially Yuri's hair! She looks so cute with those curls. Hmmm.. I wonder when they will have "mature" and sexy songs. Well, they still suit the cute category so I think it won't be anytime soon. haha! In fact when you say Kpop a lot of people remember SNSD as the cute Gee girls.Anyhoo.. I still like them. ^_^

Here's their most awaited music video.. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power Nap!

Click the image and read why you need power naps.

Good Bed, Good Sleep, Good Health

Do you know that enough sleep is one of the best luxuries a college student wants? I remember before, when I was a kid, my mom always scolds me because I won't sleep in the afternoon. Now that I'm already a grown-up, I wish I could get more sleep. Projects, quizzes, exams, presentations, all of these take up a big part of our free time. Ever since I started taking up my major subjects, sleepless nights are inevitable. Whenever we don't have classes, and no deadlines to meet, I really get as much sleep as I can so instead of looking for me somewhere else after a terrible exam day, I can only be found in my room, sleeping in my bed. For me, my room and my bed is my sanctuary so choosing the right and comfortable bed is really important. Though the bed I have is fine, I really like looking for home furnitures for my future house and these leather beds caught my attention. Having good sleep with a good bed surely isn't expensive if you just know where to look for the kind of bed you want (either leather beds or the regular ones).

Duplicate File Finder and Remover Saved My Day

One of the biggest problems I face with my computer every day is storage space management. Since I'm addicted to Kpop stuff I download lots of videos, pictures, and mp3s in my computer and even if I don't have much free space anymore I can't seem to let go of my precious files. I share my computer with my sisters and we also share the same addiction which is collecting pictures and mp3s of Kpop idols. That's the reason why my hard disk easily gets full. We just download and save files without knowing that we already have duplicate files stored in the computer. So I really hate deciding which files to delete just to have more free space in my hard drive, I just don't like erasing my videos, mp3 files, and pictures. Another thing that makes the task harder is that I have to double check if I have duplicate files in my sister's folder. So you see how tedious it is? But when I tried to search for tools that can help me, I luckily found a duplicate file finder remover. It's just what I needed so I can avoid the very troublesome job of finding duplicate files manually before I delete my files. If you're having the same problem as mine then duplicate file finder remover is a good tool for you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking for a Car to Rent?

Summer is just a few months away and for sure many of us have already been planning vacation trips out of town. My family goes to my grandmother's place every summer to visit her and get a slice of province life even for just a week. Reunions with relatives in the province is always fun and takes away the stress of city life. My grandmother's place is almost 10 hours away from here by land travel and since it's not that far too, to travel by air, we just commute and ride a bus to get there. But riding public buses has a lot of disadvantages for me. For one, you can't stop anytime and anywhere you want to if you want to rest or buy some food. Another disadvantage is that you can't really arrive much faster when you travel by public bus compared to using your own car. And of course the comfort and convenience of travelling using your own car is so different in riding a bus. For us, since we don't have our own car, car rental is the best option for us to provide us the comfort we want when travelling out of town by land. I found a good search engine for car rentals and I know this is really going to be helpful for a lot of us. Compare car hire prices and select the car you want to rent for a convenient trip. This search engine is definitely going to make planning our summer trips a lot easier.

Dad Likes Women/Lady Daddy (아빠가 여자를 좋아해) Trailer

I saw this at Arirang Showbiz Extra earlier today. The movie is entitled 아빠가 여자를 좋아해 (literally, Dad Likes Women)and it's English title is Lady Daddy. It's interesting and I think I will definitely enjoy it. The plot is somehow like Speed Scandal but with a big twist. It's another comedy film to watch out for this year. This movie is about a child who suddenly knocks at Lee Na Young's house one night looking for his father who happens to have the same name as Lee Na Young's. This movie is really going to be very funny and I'm so excited for its release. You should watch the trailer yourself because I don't want to be a spoiler.

ps. I somehow wished the child would be Wang Seok Hyeon, my favorite Korean child actor but I think the child in this movie will also do good.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

QueenTorrent is the Queen of Torrent Search

When all of these responsibilities are over - thesis, paper works, projects, and more projects - I am definitely going to catch up with the good movies of 2009 and 2010. It's such a shame but I haven't seen Avatar and the latest release of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And yes, I haven't seen Rain's Ninja Assassin yet. Watching good movies is one of my favorite pastimes and downloading them from torrent sites is the most convenient way for me to catch up on top-grossing films. Looking for albums of great singers from way back 1980s up to the freshest release is made easier too because of torrents search. I have completed a lot of music collections through the help of torrents. Searching for good and helpful books to download is also possible through these torrent sites. The ebooks I have downloaded really came in handy when I was studying programming and of course for learning Korean. When you want to look for good downloads via torrent, I recommend that you use a good torrent search site for more effective torrents search like QueenTorrent.

Friday, January 15, 2010

CN Blue Debuts with I'm a Loner MV+ Member Profiles

Do you know Shinwoo of You're Beautiful (미남이 시네요)? I know a lot of people really liked his character in that drama and I guess he should be thankful for being casted in You're Beautiful because it paved a way for him and his band to debut in the Kpop scene. Yes, you heard it right, he is a musician. He's a vocalist of CN Blue (Code Name Blue), an Indie rock band which got signed under the same label as FT Island after he was casted in You're Beautiful I guess. I've seen some of their predebut videos (fancams of them performing in bars and another video of them performing in the street) and they are really good. Finally an idol group that's really good in instruments. An idol group/rock band, that is CN Blue. They started releasing their MV teasers earlier this month and had their official debut showcase on January 14. They released the MV of their song I'm a Loner on January 13. This song is the carrier single of their album, Bluetory and they have started promoting I'm a Loner on Music Bank yesterday, January 15. Even from the predebut performances that I have seen, I can say that they are really good so I'm glad that they are finally entering the limelight. And my favorite? of course it's Jeong Yonghwa! The other vocalist is cute too.. ^.^
I hope they do well and reach their dreams! I'm looking forward to more albums and I hope they'll have more TV projects too.. I want to see them in variety shows.. haha!

Watch them perform I'm a Loner during their showcase(011410) here and rock out on their debut stage in Music Bank(011510) here in this link. For now, here's their I'm a Loner MV. (with Korean, Romanization, and English translation subs c/o kpopsubs).


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy for After School Because of You!

haha! Does the title even make sense? I have a new girl group addiction which started this year. They are branded as the Pussycat Dolls of Korea! They are known to have a sexy, sophisticated, yet (still)cute image and they're definitely very talented. Do you guys have a clue now who I'm talking about?

It's After School!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! It's a bit late I know, I'm sorry. Belated Merry Christmas too.

There's so much I want to write about my Christmas break/holidays. I had an amazing Christmas break even though it didn't start so good because I wasn't able to finish 9 mornings. As usual, it was only me and my sisters who celebrated the Christmas break and with my step mother. In the morning of the 24th everyone was busy preparing for the Noche Buena, then, we attended the Christmas Eve mass and it was one of my favorite masses of 2009. It was a very happy christmas for us and for everyone in the neighborhood, and all of us I hope. The last day of 2009 was quite dramatic for me. I was expecting and been really looking forward to watching fireworks after the mass outside the church but early in the evening it rained really hard so we were not able to go to church for the New Year's eve mass and of course, I missed the fireworks display. I was so sad about it and since it was raining I thought it was such a sad way of welcoming 2010. But the mood suddenly changed when we started hearing firecrackers and loud music, and the rain slowly stopped. To my surprise we have a number of neighbors too who had fireworks so I was so happy that I didn't miss the fireworks display after all. Then we Karaoke'd and danced 'til 4 am.

Over all, it was a very fun-filled Christmas and New Year. I have never enjoyed the holidays this much after my mom died and my sister and her family left our house. I guess it's really true that time can heal everything, and someday everything with fall into their proper places. Also happiness is a choice. For the past Christmases, I always whined about why we are left alone in our house while other families enjoy being together celebrating Jesus' birthday. Last Christmas was completely different. The 3 of us (me and my sisters) just let everything up to God and never worried about being alone on holidays anymore. I really enjoyed my holidays. And on New Year's eve after the Media Noche, my year started with a beautiful heart-to-heart talk with my father. It was one of the most precious gift I received for the holidays. Material gifts, my family, fireworks, food, Jesus - I couldn't ask for more. It was one of my happiest Christmas and New Year ever. Though I still wish to spend my future Christmases with my dad with us and of course, snow. I really want to experience a White Christmas someday!!  I'm so jealous of my friends in Korea who had snow since December and until now. Though of course it's a nuisance for them because it's hard to travel to school or work when it's snowing.

The gifts I received last Christmas were beautiful too (the material ones, I mean). I did not have a list of the things I wanted to receive this year. Before, I always have a list before Christmas even though I know I won't receive them all. I don't know why I was like that. Maybe because after a month or years, looking at it and seeing some of those I listed already present in my room makes me feel really happy. I've been writing "laptop" on my lists for years and finally I got it on 2008. From the smallest things like toys when I was younger to the laptop and internet connection, I'm glad that slowly they are coming true. hahaha! I think I should start writing "house and lot," "car" and audi turbocharger next Christmas. I don't know when I'll have it but of course I have to work for it. It took me years to be deserving of my beloved lappy you know.

Well it's back to school now so I'm back to studying and battling with endless quizzes and exams again. Tomorrow I have 2 exams so I need to get started in studying now.

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year Celebration guys.

Happy 2010 and may we have a happy and prosperous year of the metal tiger! :)