Thursday, January 21, 2010

Duplicate File Finder and Remover Saved My Day

One of the biggest problems I face with my computer every day is storage space management. Since I'm addicted to Kpop stuff I download lots of videos, pictures, and mp3s in my computer and even if I don't have much free space anymore I can't seem to let go of my precious files. I share my computer with my sisters and we also share the same addiction which is collecting pictures and mp3s of Kpop idols. That's the reason why my hard disk easily gets full. We just download and save files without knowing that we already have duplicate files stored in the computer. So I really hate deciding which files to delete just to have more free space in my hard drive, I just don't like erasing my videos, mp3 files, and pictures. Another thing that makes the task harder is that I have to double check if I have duplicate files in my sister's folder. So you see how tedious it is? But when I tried to search for tools that can help me, I luckily found a duplicate file finder remover. It's just what I needed so I can avoid the very troublesome job of finding duplicate files manually before I delete my files. If you're having the same problem as mine then duplicate file finder remover is a good tool for you.

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