Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Bed, Good Sleep, Good Health

Do you know that enough sleep is one of the best luxuries a college student wants? I remember before, when I was a kid, my mom always scolds me because I won't sleep in the afternoon. Now that I'm already a grown-up, I wish I could get more sleep. Projects, quizzes, exams, presentations, all of these take up a big part of our free time. Ever since I started taking up my major subjects, sleepless nights are inevitable. Whenever we don't have classes, and no deadlines to meet, I really get as much sleep as I can so instead of looking for me somewhere else after a terrible exam day, I can only be found in my room, sleeping in my bed. For me, my room and my bed is my sanctuary so choosing the right and comfortable bed is really important. Though the bed I have is fine, I really like looking for home furnitures for my future house and these leather beds caught my attention. Having good sleep with a good bed surely isn't expensive if you just know where to look for the kind of bed you want (either leather beds or the regular ones).

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