Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bruno Mars is ♥!

Shocks. Why did I not search for his other songs before?? Nothing on You was my summer soundtrack this year but I didn't really bother looking up Bruno Mars on Youtube. Haha! Not until today! I so love him already. His looks, his voice, his songs are just so awesome. I love all of his songs now. Plus, he's Filipino-American!

So everything you need to find out about him is in Wikipedia already. Haha! But just in case you didn't know, he collaborated with B.O.B for Nothin' on You which I think is one of the best songs of 2010, and Travie McCoy for Billionaire, another cool song. He sounds like Ne-Yo to me but I don't know there's something in his music that makes him different from others. I love Ne-Yo but Bruno Mars is so much better in my opinion. My favorite songs of him so far are Runaway, Move On, and Who Is.

Listen to Bruno Mars - Move On below.. Such a wonderful song!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2PM - I Will Give You My Life [MV] [Lyrics]

After Only You, this is my favorite 2PM song as of today. After I read the English translations of the lyrics, I was teary-eyed when I listened to it again with the translations. What a very touching song from one of my favorite Korean Idol Groups. How wonderful if Junho (my bias in 2PM obviously ㅋㅋ) would sing it to me. Haha! Forgive the daydreaming and the fangirling. Just listen to the song and read the English translations and you'll find out what I mean. Enjoy!  Lyrics after the jump! ^__^


Long time no post! hahaha! Gave my blog a new look today. I don't really have an artistic side when it comes to designing my blogs so I hope it turned out fine. Thanks to blogger's template designer it's easier to customize blogger themes now.
 I only had 2 posts for the month of July and 3 posts for June. Tsk. I haven't been writing a lot online but I'm going back to the basics. I've been writing in my notebook again! haha! Diary, yes. Old-fashioned, yes. But it has become my habit these days. My notebook has become a budget book, a diary, and a planner, in one.

Also, I'm enjoying Tumblr a lot! I think I opened an account last February or January but I haven't been really active in posting stuff there not until July. Haha! I discovered the awesomeness of Tumblr. Actually it started as Mai Rant Avenue but Tumblr is too happy a place for me to post my rants and hatred there so I changed the "theme" of my posts there. I also introduced it to my sister since I think it will be a really good site for her passion in photography. So follow me @ my Tumblr blog here and my sister here. :]

Anyway, I miss writing here too so here it is.. I'm gonna try to write again. haha!