Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Long time no post! hahaha! Gave my blog a new look today. I don't really have an artistic side when it comes to designing my blogs so I hope it turned out fine. Thanks to blogger's template designer it's easier to customize blogger themes now.
 I only had 2 posts for the month of July and 3 posts for June. Tsk. I haven't been writing a lot online but I'm going back to the basics. I've been writing in my notebook again! haha! Diary, yes. Old-fashioned, yes. But it has become my habit these days. My notebook has become a budget book, a diary, and a planner, in one.

Also, I'm enjoying Tumblr a lot! I think I opened an account last February or January but I haven't been really active in posting stuff there not until July. Haha! I discovered the awesomeness of Tumblr. Actually it started as Mai Rant Avenue but Tumblr is too happy a place for me to post my rants and hatred there so I changed the "theme" of my posts there. I also introduced it to my sister since I think it will be a really good site for her passion in photography. So follow me @ my Tumblr blog here and my sister here. :]

Anyway, I miss writing here too so here it is.. I'm gonna try to write again. haha! 

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