Monday, July 5, 2010

AJ Rafael - When We Say (Juicebox) MV

I need to recover from that very serious post prior to this. I've been having bad dreams recently so I need to divert my attention before going to sleep.

I know this song has been all over the Internet, and the charts for some time now but yesterday was only my 3rd time watching the video and it was only then that I came to appreciate the song. Sorry to my kababayan AJ Rafael. But hey, I love your song now. ^_^ If you guys don't know him, which I doubt 'coz I think he's really famous now, he's a Youtube singing sensation who became famous because of his covers. He sang his original songs too and this song is one of them. Watch the video and listen to the lyrics and I'm sure you'll remember that at one point of your life, you can relate to the song. Haha! Because, "this ain't a movie," there are no happy endings.. By the way, he's not my first love in Youtube. Haha! That one's got to be Gabe Bondoc. (just saying. lol.)

Enjoy the song and the video.. While I go find more happy videos or stumble upon free business cards, before I go to sleep. ^_^

Alarming Suicide Cases

Okay I know I should be sleeping right now but I accidentally opened the profile of one guy from my school who committed suicide just a few weeks ago. He was the second this semester. The semester started first week of June. Yes, three suicide cases in MSU-IIT in just one month. Wait 'til it's Finals! Just kidding. 

The first guy killed himself because he flunked a subject. Stories say that it was his third time to fail the subject and he just couldn't accept it this time. The second guy committed suicide because of love problems. He was just a second year student! The third case was pretty dramatic I must say. He jumped off the overpass outside our school. The cause was apparently another relationship problem.