Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tristan Prettyman and Her Breakup Album ?

Jason Mraz's ex-fiancee. Damn her album Cedar + Gold will tear your heart to pieces. Remember how Adele's album became your life-story when you got broken-hearted? Well this album is kind of like that. Just instead of hearing a power vocalist, her music is the mellow, rainy-weather music type.. They said that this album was all about how she felt after Jason Mraz called of their engagement and split-up. And you can really feel the pain when you listen to ALL the songs in this album. I only discovered her music and this store a few months ago and I kind of felt sad for both of them. They looked good together and they both make good music, and they could have been a great couple. Whatever happened to them, I hope they're both happy now.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everything Will be Alright

I give up. Following the news about YolandaPH Relief efforts is so frustrating. In social media you see hate posts and statements of blame. A lot of us hates the government right now for STILL not being in control of the situation even though 5 days have passed. I can't blame these people hating on social media right now because I'd like to believe that like me, they're just frustrated and are feeling really helpless about the situation. But reading all these news, all these posts, I feel my heart breaking to pieces. I'm so frustrated with what I'm seeing, that I want to personally go to these places affected and just help. I want to go and hug my kababayans but I know we all have a role to play and my role is to be here, in the office, doing my job, donating whatever I can to the relief efforts my company is organizing.

You know why I'm frustrated? Because here we are, giving our donations to organizations/government, doing our best to gather funds, and relief goods, only to see in the news that even before these people get a hold of them, the local government officials are already hoarding them. Or you see news like people are arguing that a certain church didn't let people in because they don't belong to the same religion. My goodness! It's as if my heart is crushed right now. I'm angry, and frustrated. Frustrated because I can't do anything about it other than to pray that love towards others will be greater than greed. Billions of pesos are coming in from other countries and overseas organizations who wants to help but you can't help but doubt if these citizens from the Visayas and Palawan regions will really benefit from it. I know prayers are powerful but I feel like this frustration is too much. My heart's so heavy. God help the Philippines. Enlighten the hearts and minds of our leaders. Comfort the hearts of my countrymen especially those in the areas severely hit by the typhoon so that they will comfort one another. I hope one day, I know, we will all stand up from this tragedy. There's hope for us as a people. Bangon Pilipinas.

To my fellow Filipinos, who are victims of Yolanda, I can't imagine how horrible you feel but please don't give up. There are better days ahead, even though we can't see it now. We just gotta keep on believing that we will survive this. We need to help each other. We (along with all the Filipinos all over the planet) got your backs fellow Pinoys. We will survive this.

The heart is stronger than you think
Things get better, through whatever
Don't you know, you can go be your own miracle

I think I need to stop reading my social media feeds for a while (I don't have TV thus I only read the news
via Facebook and via the Rappler website). Listen to this song. I know this song is for cancer cause but
it's one of the pick-me-up songs I listen to whenever I feel down.

Take heart in the fact that we're not alone, we've got each other.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Destructive Yolanda(Haiyan)

Look at Yolanda(International Name : Haiyan) almost covering the Philippines.
photo by : ABC News
If you've been watching the news, then I think you already know about Yolanda, the destructive typhoon has struck the Philippines last November 8. Seeing the damage it has done to my country is really breaking my heart right now. It is feared that at least 10,000 people lost their lives and there are still isolated places now with no electricity, cut-down communication lines, and no food. Some people, due to desperation and hunger, even resorted to looting and chaos in the places affected. Debris and remains of dead people are everywhere. These people have not eaten for days. It was reported that the storm surge, and the powerful winds of Yolanda practically washed away, like, 95% of Samar-Leyte provinces in Central Visayas, and to think those places are not the only ones affected. Every news report is really devastating. I'm thankful that I'm safe and my family is safe but its heart-breaking to see that my countrymen, who are not yet even over the loss of hundreds of people when a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the Visayas Region last month, are now again facing this. But we've been through a lot of destruction before and we've proven to the world that we're strong people and I know Filipinos will stand again. These tough times may crush our hearts but not our spirit. I'm positive that we will come out as even stronger country after this.

Help my fellow Filipinos during this tough struggle by donating in kind or in cash. Rappler put together in one post the links of organizations collecting relief donations for the typhoon victims. Follow this link and give help, they need help, the Philippines need help.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

And I'm Back!

Why, hello there! Yes I've decided to blog again. After 2 years of not posting, here I am again opening my blogger account and writing. I don't exactly know why, but today I felt like I need to get all of these stuff out of my head before they evaporate in the air. I think it's true that when you reach your early-to-mid twenties, you experience some kind of a crisis - you realize that people change, people have different priorities now, and you're not that young to make silly decisions anymore yet you're not old enough to be taken seriously by some people too. Aaaah.. these are just some of the things that's been running in my head recently. I just needed to let them out you know. Plus I'm in my office-home-groceries-home-office-home routines again and it's been hard arranging meetups with friends nowadays (I don't know why) so I'm actually enjoying spending most of my time alone. Going to new places, discovering new things, especially now that I finally have my own place.. I tell you it's scary but very exciting. So yeah.. hence I'm back to blogging. To document all these moments and feelings again and maybe share it to the world.. I won't promise to write as often as I can, I won't promise anything anymore. This time this is gonna be just about me, and for me, as I chronicle my changing life. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Prayer

Find me, because I want to find You
I’m surrendering it all
Find me again and don’t let me stray
Help me let You in
Find me, help me know You more
Live in me, make me worthy
Find me, so that when others see me,
They will find You.
Live in me, cleanse me, fill me with Your love
So that when they see me,
They will see Your goodness and grace
Find me, cleanse me, live in me
I’m surrendering it all.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year and The Social Network

I don't know if there are people following this blog but Happy New Year to you whoever you are reading this post right now. I wish you lots of blessings for 2011. :)

Well, it's been ages since my last post where I sorta promised to blog more often. Sorry self and sorry blog, I failed to keep that promise. But I have been, from time to time checking this account and logging in just in case I get the urge to write but unfortunately I am too guilty about a lot of things that I don't think continuing to blog or be crazy about Kpop or be up to date with the latest movies are still things I am entitled of. Yeah. Things kind of got ugly and sad the past couple of months so I decided to lie low from my addictions (well except for Facebook and tumblr, they're the only things that kept me sane all these months). But it's the new year and screw the self imposed punishments, I'll just try again. So here I am again.. Writing. I don't know when the next post will be but let's just see.. Whatever goes. I'm just trying to pick myself up again and I think re-living this blog will help. I hope.. It's a new year so it's a good time for a new start..

So this morning I watched The Social Network. Great movie.

It's amazing how (according to the movie) Facebook was born because of a Harvard student who got dumped. Haha! All throughout the movie I was thinking,, "So all of these Facebook effect started because of a girl." Mark Zuckerberg, who by the way is Times' Person of the Year, is a real genius. Before watching the movie, I didn't really know or even care about the story how Facebook was created. But after watching it, I thought he's really amazing but also an idiot. Haha! Because at the end of the movie, he was adding Erica Albright on Facebook and was waiting for her to accept his friend request. I mean after being the youngest billionaire today, he still cares about that girl. Crazy. But.. I did a little research after, and what a relief, the movie did not accurately tell the real story of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg says that the movie got a lot of stuff wrong and random details right. Hmm.. Of course.. But I don't really care right now. Haha! It was a cool movie and I enjoyed it. How I wish I had Mark Zuckerberg's programming ability.. It also reminded me how precious a simple idea can be.. Damn.