Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everything Will be Alright

I give up. Following the news about YolandaPH Relief efforts is so frustrating. In social media you see hate posts and statements of blame. A lot of us hates the government right now for STILL not being in control of the situation even though 5 days have passed. I can't blame these people hating on social media right now because I'd like to believe that like me, they're just frustrated and are feeling really helpless about the situation. But reading all these news, all these posts, I feel my heart breaking to pieces. I'm so frustrated with what I'm seeing, that I want to personally go to these places affected and just help. I want to go and hug my kababayans but I know we all have a role to play and my role is to be here, in the office, doing my job, donating whatever I can to the relief efforts my company is organizing.

You know why I'm frustrated? Because here we are, giving our donations to organizations/government, doing our best to gather funds, and relief goods, only to see in the news that even before these people get a hold of them, the local government officials are already hoarding them. Or you see news like people are arguing that a certain church didn't let people in because they don't belong to the same religion. My goodness! It's as if my heart is crushed right now. I'm angry, and frustrated. Frustrated because I can't do anything about it other than to pray that love towards others will be greater than greed. Billions of pesos are coming in from other countries and overseas organizations who wants to help but you can't help but doubt if these citizens from the Visayas and Palawan regions will really benefit from it. I know prayers are powerful but I feel like this frustration is too much. My heart's so heavy. God help the Philippines. Enlighten the hearts and minds of our leaders. Comfort the hearts of my countrymen especially those in the areas severely hit by the typhoon so that they will comfort one another. I hope one day, I know, we will all stand up from this tragedy. There's hope for us as a people. Bangon Pilipinas.

To my fellow Filipinos, who are victims of Yolanda, I can't imagine how horrible you feel but please don't give up. There are better days ahead, even though we can't see it now. We just gotta keep on believing that we will survive this. We need to help each other. We (along with all the Filipinos all over the planet) got your backs fellow Pinoys. We will survive this.

The heart is stronger than you think
Things get better, through whatever
Don't you know, you can go be your own miracle

I think I need to stop reading my social media feeds for a while (I don't have TV thus I only read the news
via Facebook and via the Rappler website). Listen to this song. I know this song is for cancer cause but
it's one of the pick-me-up songs I listen to whenever I feel down.

Take heart in the fact that we're not alone, we've got each other.

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