Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I feel so lucky and blessed because throughout my college life, all my History(and this semester, Political Science) teachers were just great. They really inspire me. I learned a lot from them. We all have this notion that History and PolSci subjects are boring BUT because of my teachers (yes, I believe that the teacher has the greatest sphere of influence on how not to make the subject boring), I learned to love and am loving History and PolSci subjects. I even think that maybe I should shift to AB History. haha!

Just this afternoon, in our PolSci class our professor was discussing about David Easton's Systems Approach in defining or describing politics. I won't dig into the details of that approach now because the main reason for my blog entry tonight is that I was struck of the question my professor asked us after citing the Rice Crisis or Rice Shortage in the Philippines as an example to explain to us the Systems Approach in defining politics. He asked us if we are still hopeful that the Philippines will be a newly industrialized economy or hopeless. haha! If you ask me, honestly, I am losing hope that this country can progress and be a "Tiger" economy.. I know that's so un-nationalistic of me. But my own experiences, all the news I hear and see on TV and even all the things I see that's happening around me took all my hopes away..(Maybe naa pay gamay.. mga 10%.. huhuhu..) I really felt sad after listening to that discussion. And luckily, my teacher said that we should be hopeful because there are still good mayors and good barangay captains remaining.. but still, GREATLY OUTNUMBERED BY CORRUPT OFFICIALS. duh.. What do we need to turn this situation around..?? Change in mentality? Change in beliefs? Change in ourselves. Sooooo much easier said than done.

How sad.. I really hope I can help the Philippines..Sincerely.. But then society is dictating me to go abroad after I finish my college degree.. If not, I'll die because of hunger. hahayz.. I really wanna help.. I don't know.. I'm still partly hopeful, partly hopeless..

OK, since the videos I want to watch(Butil ng Buhay - I wasn't able to watch in on TV) are still in buffering in Youtube... I felt like writing about the things that are running through my head because of that discussion during our PolSci class this afternoon..