Friday, May 28, 2010

Coolest Wine Labels

I missed the StumbleUpon button ever since I migrated to Chrome. It was only a few days ago when I found out how to stumble again using Chrome. Haha! I'm such a loser. Yes, you can still use StumbleUpon in Chrome but, that drop-down menu where you can choose to stumble only images or videos, or blog is gone. Tsk. Or maybe I don't know where to find it. LoL. My first stumbled page today was this! It's about wines.

I love drinking wine. I wanna collect wines and wine bottles in the future too. I stumbled upon this nice list of the coolest wine labels I've ever seen.. Gotta own one of these soon. Haha! I especially liked these ones below..

taken from : The Coolist

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lee Hyori and Daesung's Duet - How Did We Get

This is my favorite song from here newest album. I just love Lee Hyori. (and Big Bang's  Daesung too, he's really adorable.. ). Hyori recently made her comeback with her album H-Logic. It's her 4th album to date and she's currently promoting it in weekend Music Shows. It's a battle between 2PM's Without You, Rain's Lovesong and Lee Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang every weekend. But now that Super Junior has also made their comeback, it looks like it's going to be a tough fight for the mutizen awards.

Enjoy listening everyone! :)