Friday, August 29, 2008


Finally, an apology. After more than a year, I finally got what I wanted. But isn't it a wonder, how hurtful one should go through, and how long one should wait and long for that small word - sorry - and when it's finally uttered, that's it, just like how swiftly wind touches your face..

I have forgiven him a long, long time ago but I thought I needed closure so I waited for him to apologize. Now I know I was wrong, my feelings didn't change after his sorry. I have moved on and got over it ages ago. I wasn't affected anymore. It was a revelation, a change in me that I did not notice. I thank God for that. What happened before doesn't matter to me anymore. Nothing else matters but my faith, myself, and the people who loves me.

and in conclusion, i was right even before. that love was not that extreme to cause me an equally extreme sorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm bad.. I know.. But what can I do? This is what I truly feel. This is who I am. Do I really need to change my feelings toward something just for other people not to get hurt? Don't I have the right to be true to what I really feel? Why would I act/do something that I really don't like to do? Can't they understand? I don't know why people tend to force me to do things that I don't want to. They don't really force me but... They make me feel like I'm the evil one in the story. I hate this.

Why can't they understand??

Friday, August 22, 2008


i'm supposed to go to the city this morning but i woke up late..

here i am, stuck in front of my laptop again..doing nothing.. stumbleupon is not helping me get rid of this boredom..

no programming assignments this week. yey!
no assignments..!

lots of time for me to accomplish my mission.. but dang! i don't even feel like going out of the house or clean my room.

lazy days...
unsafe city...
bored me...lazy me..

i hope i can find something fun to do today.

i replaced the layout.. it looks better for me now. enough of the pink scheme. i've always wanted to make and customize my own blog layout but then i'm so lazy to study css better. i don't like to use layouts made by other people(i've tried using some before) because their names/copyright annoy me. so there, i went back to the defaults of blogger.
*still thinking of ways to get rid of boredom..*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


aaaargh.. i am supposed to post another reaction paper we were made to submit about the MILF-GRP memorandum of agreement but for some reason, blogger won't let me.. an error came up.. errr.. i don't know what happened.. maybe because i encoded it in MSWord the copy-pasted it here.. duh.. i don't know. i don't want to type it over again.. no way. i've been wanting to post that one but i just found time tonight because of the problematic situation here in m hometown. and dang! blogger won't let me post it.. even in my multiply account, i can't post it..

anyways.. after 2 days of suspension of classes because of the attack of the rebels in the nearby municipalities and the threats to our city's peace and order, tomorrow, our classes will resume. i'm sure the conflict will be a hot topic in the school tomorrow. i'm excited. i want to hear my professors' comment about it. but my history and political science class will still be on friday so i need to hold my excitement. haaay.. back to school. tomorrow. i hope and pray that the situation will be better tomorrow not just in our city but in the whole Mindanao.. i know peace is possible here. i know..

Monday, August 4, 2008


Last night, I received messages informing Iliganons of the protest against the inclusion of 8 barangays of Iligan to the ARMM in accordance to the MOA between the Gov't of the Republic of the Philippines(GRP) and the Moro Islamic liberation Front(MILF).. I thought it was just some false alarm or some joke but this morning, I got to school late because of the traffic.. Nagrally jud diay.. At first, I thought to myself, "Naa man puy sala ang government sa mga indegenous peoples of MINSUPALA kay according to my readings, wala man lang sila giconsult sa gov't ug gi-apil nalang sila dayon sa Pilipinas.. according to what i've read before, dili jud sila ganahan especially ang mga BANGSAMORO nga tawagon ug Pilipino.. di jud sila ganahan mahimong Pilipino.. " (for further explanation, consult Google hehe) But then, I researched about this MOA and I found out nga luoy kaayo ang Iligan, ang Mindanao ug and Pilipinas kung madayon na..imagine 82% of Iligan will be taken away! and COINCIDENTALLY, ang napili pa jud nila apilon sa ilang ancestral domain chuchu kay katong mga agricultural backbones of Iligan! Iligan pa kaha nang 18%?? I strongly oppose this MOA.. The president will really make a huge mistake if she will give way to these rebels.. I am so scared for Iligan.. and for the Philippines..

the following are links I have read regarding the issue:
link 1
link 2
link 3

i still have many questions about this.. unsa jud ang tumong sa MILF? if ever madayon ni, unsaon na lang ang Iligan? Will this be the start of the rebels' plan of proceeding to a greater cause? - separation and independence of Mindanao? (mao jud na ako gikahadlokan..) Though I like federalism, I just can't imagine what will happen to Mindanao kung sila ang mag-rule..

I know naa pay plebiscite pero duh.. imagina nalang.. gubot na kaayo ang Mindanao ana.. Plus basin i-tamper pa jud ang votes.. duh..

Another issue is that arose is that, this could just be GMA's gimik to amend the constitution and in turn extend her rule..I pray nga dili..

Karon naay temporary restraining issued by the supreme court to temporarily stop the signing of the MOA.. They really need to investigate on this issue! Kailangan nila i-solicit ang opinions sa mga residents ug leaders sa affected areas.

I hope i-discuss ni sa among History 3 ugma oi.. Dapat lang. Kaysa magpadayon sa ka-boring sa reporting! haaaaay.. I am also expecting our PolSci teacher to discuss this matter to us. I really want to know and understand unsa ilang buot ipasabot..

And to the president, please don't disappoint us more. Don't make the Filipinos hate you more.

To the mayor, I admire you. (ingon xa iya i-withdraw iya support kang Arroyo if signan jud ug dayon ang MOA)

Let's pray for our country..