Friday, August 22, 2008


i'm supposed to go to the city this morning but i woke up late..

here i am, stuck in front of my laptop again..doing nothing.. stumbleupon is not helping me get rid of this boredom..

no programming assignments this week. yey!
no assignments..!

lots of time for me to accomplish my mission.. but dang! i don't even feel like going out of the house or clean my room.

lazy days...
unsafe city...
bored me...lazy me..

i hope i can find something fun to do today.

i replaced the layout.. it looks better for me now. enough of the pink scheme. i've always wanted to make and customize my own blog layout but then i'm so lazy to study css better. i don't like to use layouts made by other people(i've tried using some before) because their names/copyright annoy me. so there, i went back to the defaults of blogger.
*still thinking of ways to get rid of boredom..*

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