Friday, May 29, 2009

FT Island - She Doesn't Know/Girls Don't Know MV

I was browsing through some of the latest Kpop music releases when I found this video. It's F.T. Island's Music Video that's featured in their Rock Prince DVD. The song is entitled She Doesn't Know or Girls Don't Know (Yeojaneun Sarangeul Molla 여자는 사랑은 몰라). I think this is one of their best videos. I instantly fell inlove with this MV because aside from the fact that I love this song, they all look great in this video. I suddenly missed Wonbin after watching this.

F.T. Island or Five Treasure Island is a Korean Band composed of Choi Jonghoon(leader, lead guitarist), Lee Hongki(vocals), Lee Jaejin(bassist), Choi Minhwan(drummer), and Song Seung Hyun(guitarist). Oh Wonbin was a former member of the band and just left last January 2009 to pursue his solo career. He was replaced by Song Seung Hyun.

What I love about this band is that they are not only typical Korean Kkotminams(pretty boys) but they are really talented. They play their own instruments. Not all Korean boybands do that. They are also multi-talented as they are also into modelling, hosting, and acting.

My favorite albums from them would be Colorful Sensibility(the album in which this song is a part of) and the Jump Up Mini Album (the first album after the regrouping). Those albums are definitely part of my playlist must-haves and must-listen-tos.

Everyone in the Kpop fandom was really saddened by the news that Wonbin left but maybe it's for the better. I wish him luck. I am also looking forward to FT Islands upcoming album releases and activities.

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep6

Episode 6

  • the New Caledonia trip! - better watch out for Lee Minho running in the beach half naked!
  • Jan Di's leg cramped while swimming and since Jun Pyo couldn't swim, it's Ji Hoo again to her rescue..
  • Jun Pyo gave Jan Di an anklet
  • More Jan Di-Ji Hoo sweet moments in this episode..
  • Of course I had to include Kim Bum here.. his cute and killer smile shouldn't be left unnoticed..
  • then the controversial kissing scene of Ji Hoo and Jan Di..
  • and Jun Pyo's reaction..??

Episode 7

... coming soon.. i'll have a BOF marathon today with my sisters.. :) i'll be back and update these tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep1-Ep5

Episode 1

[click the photo for a bigger version]

- Jan Di enters Shinhwa High. At first she didn't want to study there but she was eventually convinced since she loved swimming and in Shinhwa High, she can practice. She then meets the infamous F4 and gets to know the world of the rich and famous.
She then receives the red card from F4 and there her adventure (or should I say problematic-yet-sometimes-fun-and-happy life) begins. Gu Jyun Pyo bullies her and she then meets the silent and mysterious Ji Hoo with whom she finds comfort.

Episode 2

[click the photo for a bigger version]

- Jan Di's Shinhwa life continues. She fights Jun Pyo back but the story just got more exciting as Jun Pyo continues to enjoy seeing Jan Di suffer not knowing that he is slowly liking Jan Di now. In this episode, Jan Di meets Ji Hoo's best friend Min Seo Hyun who's like his big sister (and his secret love) who's also very kind to her.
Kilig moment : Ji Hoo carries Jan Di. She wore a wonderwoman outfit because she thought it was a costume party while everybody else was on their cocktail dresses. Seo Hyun also helped her and gave her a dress.

Episode 3

[click the photo for a bigger version]

- Ji Hoo then escorts Jan Di back to the party. Then, Jun Pyo accidentally falls into the pool upon seeing a roach (lol). Jan Di saved him. [Jun Pyo doesn't know how to swim.] Ji Hoo confesses his love for Seo Hyun but she doesn't accept it saying that Ji Hoo is only a little brother for her. Jan Di is also sad that her secret love Ji Hoo is rejected. Jun Pyo's mom appears in this episode.

Episode 4

[click the photo for a bigger version]

- Jun Pyo and Jan Di's first date! And their first night together! No it's not what you're thinking (perv! haha joke)!
- The story of Oh Min Ji.

Episode 5

[click the photo for a bigger version]

-I love this episode. This is the part where Jun Pyo saves Jan Di from the people in the school that were throwing eggs on her and accusing her of stuff. Then Oh Min Ji's story unravels - her childhood and Jun Pyo's great impact in her life. Then of course the New Caledonie trip! If you wanna see Lee Minho half naked you better watch this episode. Plus the scenes from New Caledonie are just amazing.

Here it is.. the part one of the bof screencaps post.

Boys Over Flowers

Kkotboda Namja or Boys Over Flowers, the Korean version of Japan's famous manga Hana Yori Dango, finally hit the Philippine small screen. The Tagalog dubbed Boys Over Flowers started airing in the Philippines last May 11. It was 2003 when Meteor Garden was aired here and it marked the start of the Asian Drama invasion in the country. Since then, many TV series from countries like Taiwan and Korea have dominated the primetime slots while the first ones who invaded our televisions, the Mexican telenovelas remained in the afternoon slots.

Boys Over Flowers is one of the biggest hit dramas of Korean television. It is also the most talked-about and grandest adaptation of the Japanese Manga. The korean F4 is undeniably appealing and at the same time good in acting. The main cast include Gu Jyun Pyo(played by Lee Minho), the leader of F4; and the love interest of Geum Jan Di(played by Goo Hye Soon), the main girl character; Yoon Ji Hoo(played by Kim Hyun Joong leader of the boyband SS501), the silent F4 member and Hua Ze Lei's counterpart; So Yi Jung(played by Kim Bum), the playboy of the group; Song Woo Bin(played by Kim Joon rapper of T-Max), the mafia heir; and Cho Ga Eul (played by Kim So Eun), Geum Jan Di's bestfriend and Yi Jung's love interest.

As soon as I heard that Korea was going to produce an adaptation, I was so excited in watching it and was curious who the members of F4 were. It was aired on January 5 this year in Korea and had their last episode on March 21.

In my opinion, this is my favorite HYD adaptation. I haven't seen the Japanese version though because I never heard of it during the time it aired and it never hit the Philippine shore. In the following posts I will post the screencaps of all the episodes of Boys Over Flowers. I want to share some caps of the TV drama that made my heart melt during the months of January to March. :) :) :)

so watch out for it BOF fans..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kris Allen is the New American Idol

This is a very late post. Yeah, i know.. I was gone for a month and I was not able to keep track of American Idol. but.. Kris won! Congratulations to him. I was lucky that Starworld had a marathon last last week so I was able to see the episodes from the Top12. I guess many was shocked when it was not Adam Lambert who was announced as winner. The rocker whom I heard was offered to be Queen's frontman, had amazing vocals and of course thousands of fans. But the humble worship leader from Arkansas bagged the title. He also had great vocals and his genre is a little different than Lambert's so there's no way the two should be compared. Kris is more suited to Alternative and Pop kind of music while Adam, well, it's his title, the Rock God of Season 8.

It sounded like David Archuleta-David Cook battle right? At first, I was really putting my bets on Archie but I guess the voters didn't choose the one with a softer side (in vocals and in the type of songs). That's why I predicted that Lambert would win. But America decided. And this year, they chose the boy-next-door from Arkansas - Kris Allen.

hmmm.. could the pictures of Adam kissing boys affected the votes?

Anyways, here's the winning/coronation song of American Season 8 - No Boundaries. Congrats Kris. too bad you already have a wife. haha! but she's beautiful. ;)

And last year's coronation song - Time of My Life.

Aside from the announcement of winners, the thing that I always watch out for every season finale of American Idol is the winning song. I love listening to songs that have inspiring messages.

Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm back, i want an adventure and i don't want to go back to school

finally, my OJT is finished. it was fun. i missed a lot especially writing and of course my Super Junior addiction.

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although i had so much fun in my OJT, i was not able to spend the summer with my family. unlike the previous summers, we didn't go swimming and i was not able to go to Davao with them. i promised myself that after the break i'd go out-of-town but i guess that won't happen anymore because my OJT allowance won't be released until mid-June. tsk.tsk.. no monies for adventure.. no monies for beach!! i miss the beach..

a few days from now, i shall go back to being a student again.. i'm not really excited. don't want to go back to school yet. the long enrollment queues that i really dread - i don't want to think about them. the endless assignments and projects that i really hate doing. it's only the in-betweens - the friends you get to know, the gimmicks, foodtrips, and of course the allowance - that i love about being a student.

i still have a week.. before i start getting stressed with my upcoming defense and classes, i will enjoy this week with my sisters.. i hope my beach trip can still push through..