Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep6

Episode 6

  • the New Caledonia trip! - better watch out for Lee Minho running in the beach half naked!
  • Jan Di's leg cramped while swimming and since Jun Pyo couldn't swim, it's Ji Hoo again to her rescue..
  • Jun Pyo gave Jan Di an anklet
  • More Jan Di-Ji Hoo sweet moments in this episode..
  • Of course I had to include Kim Bum here.. his cute and killer smile shouldn't be left unnoticed..
  • then the controversial kissing scene of Ji Hoo and Jan Di..
  • and Jun Pyo's reaction..??

Episode 7

... coming soon.. i'll have a BOF marathon today with my sisters.. :) i'll be back and update these tomorrow.

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