Friday, May 29, 2009

FT Island - She Doesn't Know/Girls Don't Know MV

I was browsing through some of the latest Kpop music releases when I found this video. It's F.T. Island's Music Video that's featured in their Rock Prince DVD. The song is entitled She Doesn't Know or Girls Don't Know (Yeojaneun Sarangeul Molla 여자는 사랑은 몰라). I think this is one of their best videos. I instantly fell inlove with this MV because aside from the fact that I love this song, they all look great in this video. I suddenly missed Wonbin after watching this.

F.T. Island or Five Treasure Island is a Korean Band composed of Choi Jonghoon(leader, lead guitarist), Lee Hongki(vocals), Lee Jaejin(bassist), Choi Minhwan(drummer), and Song Seung Hyun(guitarist). Oh Wonbin was a former member of the band and just left last January 2009 to pursue his solo career. He was replaced by Song Seung Hyun.

What I love about this band is that they are not only typical Korean Kkotminams(pretty boys) but they are really talented. They play their own instruments. Not all Korean boybands do that. They are also multi-talented as they are also into modelling, hosting, and acting.

My favorite albums from them would be Colorful Sensibility(the album in which this song is a part of) and the Jump Up Mini Album (the first album after the regrouping). Those albums are definitely part of my playlist must-haves and must-listen-tos.

Everyone in the Kpop fandom was really saddened by the news that Wonbin left but maybe it's for the better. I wish him luck. I am also looking forward to FT Islands upcoming album releases and activities.

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