Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep7

Episode 7

  • Goo Jyun Pyo's sister, Goo Jyun Hee helps Jan Di, Jyun Pyo, and Ji Hoo fix the love triangle trouble that happened during the New Caledonia trip
  • Good thing Jyun Pyo is obeys her very tough sister
  • What's the meeting about with F4, Jan Di, and Jyun Pyo's noona?? It's about a competition courtesy of Jyun Hee noona.
  • Who won? Not yet revealed in this episode since the competition's gonna end in Episode 8 so watch out for that.

dang. sorry for the short hiatus guys. i was really busy with the enrollment and a project defense. I have a good news!! I received a beautiful gift! Check out the next post for the details.

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