Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Won Something!!

wait, it's not just something! It's an original, fresh-from-Korea Boys Over Flowers OST Part 2 Album!! I was just browsing through my bookmarked blogs when I found out that Ate Betchay, a Filipina Blogger from Korea was having a contest with the BOF OST2 album as price. I tried my luck and commented for an entry. Then I had to leave for OJT. When i came home one weekend, I had my regular bloghopping and found out that I won!! Well, i was soooooooooooo lucky that out of the 100 people who commented, my number (comment #29) was chosen by the raffle program. hahaha! I won, I won, I won! It's my first ever package from abroad sent by someone aside from my family so i was super-duper excited. And not only that i received it for free, I am a very big fan of Boys Over Flowers and the album includes 9 photocards, and I also love the theme songs of the drama.

The album actually arrived last Sunday, May 31 in the afternoon but because I was so busy with my project defense and our enrollment, i wasn't able to post about it immediately.

A BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Ate Betchay for this wonderful price! I'm sooooooo happy about this gift! A gift that i didn't even ask. Thanks!! You guys should also check out her blog. You might just be the next winner of her contests. Thanks again Ate..


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