Monday, June 15, 2009

2NE1 Wins Mutizen

Their songs are really catchy. And just yesterday, they won the Mutizen Award in SBS Inkigayo as their song Fire became number one surpassing Super Junior's It's You, Shinee's Juliette, and many other hit songs. Here is a clip of the announcement of the No. 1 song in Inkigayo yesterday.

They just debuted this year under YG Entertainment. Their first song was Lollipop with their sunbaes Big Bang. 2NE1 is composed of Park Bom, CL, Sandara, and Minzy.

Park Bom, CL, Minzi, Dara

Sunday, June 14, 2009

LYRICS FT Island - First Kiss (Chot Kisseu)

영화처럼 멋질수 있을까
yeong hwa cheoreom meot jeel soo ees-eul gga
could it be as amazing as the movies

그녀와 옛 처음 입맞춤
geu nyu wa yet cho-eum eeb mat-choom
with that girl, the first kiss

내일 다시 만날것 같은데
nae-eel da-shi mahn nal geot gateun deh
i think ill meet her again tomorrow

왜 벌써부터 두근거리는 떨린 가슴이
weh beol sseo boo deo doo geun geo lee neun ddeol leen gaseum-ee
why is my heart already beating fast

터질것 같은지
deo jeel geot gateun jee
and it feels like its going to explode

솜사탕 같을까 궁금해
som-sah tahng gat-eul gga goong geum heh
i wonder if it will be like cotton-candy

눈을 감고 상상해 혹시 그녀도
noon eul gahm go sang sang heh hok shi geu nyu doe
i close my eyes and wonder

지금 이순간 똑같은 상상을 할까
jee geum eeh soon gahn ddok gateun sang sang eul gal gga
if the girl is thinking the same

사탕처럼 달콤할것 같아
satang churum dalkom hal gut gat-ah
i think it will be sweet like candy

왠지 아카시아 향기도 날것 같아
wenjee akah shee-ah hyangee doe nal gut gat-ah
i also think that the aroma will be like that of a flower

향기에 취해 버릴까봐
hyangee eh chwee heh buleel gga bwa
i might get drunk off the aroma

그게 걱정이돼
geu geh guk jungee dwe
thats what im worried about

근데 그보다 큰 걱정은
geun deh geu bo da keun guk jung eun
but more than that, the bigger worry is,

아무도 믿지 않겠지만
ah moo doe meet jee ahn get-jee mahn
though many may not believe,

나 솔직히 아직 까지 키스 해본적 없다는걸
na sol jeek hee ajeek gga jee kisseu heh bonjuk ub da neun gul
honestly, i have never kissed anyone

영화처럼 고개를 돌릴까
yunghwa churum go geh leul doleel gga
should i turn my head like in the movies?

입을 맞춘후에 어떻게 숨을 쉴까
eeb eul mat choon who eh uh dduh keh soom eul shweel gga
how should i breathe after the kiss?

그게또 걱정돼
geu geh ddoe guk jung dweh
that also worries me

눈은 언제쯤에 감는지 코는 어떡하는지
noon eun unjeh jjeum eh gahm neun jee koe neun uh dduk ha neun jee
when should i close my eyes, and how should my nose be placed

대체 얼마나 오래 하는지
deh che uhl mahna oleh ha neun jee
how long should it be

도대체 알수가 없어
doe deh che ahlsoo ga ubsuh
i dont know

사탕 처럼 달콤한 너라면
satang churum dalkome hahn nuh la myun
if you were sweet like candy

아주 오랫동안 그대로 있을거야
ah joo oh let dong ahn geu deh lo ees eul guh ya
then i will stay like that for a long time

입술에 취해 버린대도 밤은 새울거야
eeb sool eh chwee heh buleen deh doe bahm eun se-ool guh ya
even if i become drunk off your lips, i will stay up

서툰 내가 싫다 할까봐 나먼저
sutoon neh ga sheelta hal gga bwa nah munjuh
im afraid that you might not like me

gobek heh buleel gga
so i will confess first

나 솔직히 입맞춤은 키스 니가 처음이야
nah soljeek hee eeb matchoom eun kisseu nee ga chu-eum eeya
honestly, this kiss is my first

그런 걱정으로 밤샌지 아주 오래 지난후
geu lun guk jung eulo bahm senjee ajoo o-leh jee nahn who
it has been a while since i have been staying up with those worries

우린 드디어 어느 깊은 밤 살며치 입을 맞췄지
oo-leen deu-dee-uh uh neu geepeun bahm salmyu chi eeb eul maht-chwut-jee
finally, we kissed on a long night

레몬보다 더한 달콤함에 그냥 그대로 난 꼼짝할수
lemone boda duhan dalkome hahm eh geu-nyang geu dero nahn ggom jjak halsoo
sweeter than a lemon, i couldnt move from that position

없었어 행복에 취해 버린채로
ubs-uss-uh hengbok eh chwi heh buleen chero
i was happy

얼어 버린거야
ul-uh buleen gu-ya
i became frozen

서툰 그녀가 왜 이렇게 고맙고 다행스러운지
suh toon geu nyu-ga whe eeluh geh go mahp go daheng seu lu oon jee
that girl was thankful and it was a relief

약속할게 나 영원히 키스 너하고만 할게
yak sok hal-geh na yung won hee kisseu nuh hago mahn halgeh
i will promise, i will forever only kiss you

키스 너하고만 할게...
kisseu nuh hago mahn halgeh...
i will only kiss you...

Translation by: epic jihae@LOVEFT-I

what a beautiful song.. this is one of my favorite tracks from FT Island's Cheerful Sensibility Album. Everytime I listen to this song or watch the video where they performed it during their first concert, I always end up smiling to myself. The joy of first kiss.. hahaha! the worries and joys of first love.. It's really unforgettable. So highschool-ish right? But those are the most beautiful moments of a person's life. Whenever you go back on those memories, you just can't help but smile. That person may not be the one that you'll end up with in the future, but will always be a part of your life.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Must Watch : Romantic Island

I've never been to Boracay. Yes, I know it's one of the nicest beaches in the world. The nightlife is fun and the white sand of the beach makes it all the more attractive to tourists, foreign and local. Being a beach person I'd also love to go there but Palawan's more appealing to me because I don't like crowds and I love calmness. haha well, enough of my dream vacations..

Yesterday, I watched Romantic Island with a friend. This film was released last December 24, 2008 and is also one of the top grossing box office hits last year in Korea. I first found out about it in Arirang Showbiz Extra. And guess what, approx 80 percent of the film was shot in the Philippines, specifically, the beautiful island of Boracay.

This movie is about four souls who went to Boracay to flee from their busy and confusing lives in Korea. It's definitely a feel-good movie. After watching it, I wanted to fall inlove and go to Boracay. haha! Kidding. But really, if you watch it, you'll definitely be amazed and smile in the ending - amazed of the sceneries which lived up to the movie's title and smile because of the beautiful romantic-comedy storyline.

Here's the trailer of Romantic Island:

Must Watch : Speedy Scandal

Starring one of my favorite Korean actors, Cha Tae Hyeon, Speedy Scandal was released last year. It was one of the box office hits toppers of 2008, not a wonder for a Cha Tae Hyeon movie. This is one of my favorites! I love Korean comedy films. And the kid, Wang Seok Hyeon is really, really cute and talented. Park Bo Hyeong is so pretty also. I wonder if she's really the one singing.

It's a very good movie. It won't only make you laugh and giggle over the cute kid + Cha Tae Hyeon + Bo Hyeong but the story is also very nice.

Here's the trailer of the movie. It's definitely a must-watch!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep8

Episode 8

  • The last leg of the competition takes place - the swimming part. And who won? Well, somebody turned off the lights on the moment of truth.
  • Ji Hoo and Jan Di won't be expelled, and the issue will be taken as if it never happened so they had to celebrate for a victory and they had a date.
  • But unfortunately(or was it fortunate for Jan Di/Jun Pyo?) everything about the rest of the date only made Jan Di think of Jun Pyo even if she's with her first love Ji Hoo. On the other hand, Jun Pyo too was thinking of her.
  • Then, after calling it quits for Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo, the F4 plotted a prank for Jan Di and Jun Pyo to patch things up. And after that, they then went on a date and Jun Pyo surprised Jan Di's family by paying a visit and asking her parents if he could spend the night in their house.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Won Something!!

wait, it's not just something! It's an original, fresh-from-Korea Boys Over Flowers OST Part 2 Album!! I was just browsing through my bookmarked blogs when I found out that Ate Betchay, a Filipina Blogger from Korea was having a contest with the BOF OST2 album as price. I tried my luck and commented for an entry. Then I had to leave for OJT. When i came home one weekend, I had my regular bloghopping and found out that I won!! Well, i was soooooooooooo lucky that out of the 100 people who commented, my number (comment #29) was chosen by the raffle program. hahaha! I won, I won, I won! It's my first ever package from abroad sent by someone aside from my family so i was super-duper excited. And not only that i received it for free, I am a very big fan of Boys Over Flowers and the album includes 9 photocards, and I also love the theme songs of the drama.

The album actually arrived last Sunday, May 31 in the afternoon but because I was so busy with my project defense and our enrollment, i wasn't able to post about it immediately.

A BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Ate Betchay for this wonderful price! I'm sooooooo happy about this gift! A gift that i didn't even ask. Thanks!! You guys should also check out her blog. You might just be the next winner of her contests. Thanks again Ate..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep7

Episode 7

  • Goo Jyun Pyo's sister, Goo Jyun Hee helps Jan Di, Jyun Pyo, and Ji Hoo fix the love triangle trouble that happened during the New Caledonia trip
  • Good thing Jyun Pyo is obeys her very tough sister
  • What's the meeting about with F4, Jan Di, and Jyun Pyo's noona?? It's about a competition courtesy of Jyun Hee noona.
  • Who won? Not yet revealed in this episode since the competition's gonna end in Episode 8 so watch out for that.

dang. sorry for the short hiatus guys. i was really busy with the enrollment and a project defense. I have a good news!! I received a beautiful gift! Check out the next post for the details.