Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute Scene From Only You

it's been a part of my lunch time habit to watch KDramas in Studio23. today, there was a scene that i really love..

TJ was trying to propose to Gillian..

TJ : Magpo-propose ako sa 'yo.. wala akong dalang singsing Gillian pero si Joshua na ang singsing ko.
GILLIAN : Ano?! Magpopropose ka ng walang singsing??
TJ : Pero Gillian, nasa iyo na si Joshua, sa buong mundo, siya na ang pinakamalaking singsing. hahaha nalingaw ko ani nga part]

it was really cute.. :D it's from Episode 13 of the drama.
watch Only You at mysoju.. read synopsis and episode summaries here and here..

What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts

it's such a sad video.. sad love story..

girl: do you ever think about the future? . . . what do you see?
boy: what do you see?
girl: i'm serious..
. . .
boy: you..

aww! really heart melting.

life is not a fairy tale. love stories don't always have happy endings. *sigh*