Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Screencaps Ep1-Ep5

Episode 1

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- Jan Di enters Shinhwa High. At first she didn't want to study there but she was eventually convinced since she loved swimming and in Shinhwa High, she can practice. She then meets the infamous F4 and gets to know the world of the rich and famous.
She then receives the red card from F4 and there her adventure (or should I say problematic-yet-sometimes-fun-and-happy life) begins. Gu Jyun Pyo bullies her and she then meets the silent and mysterious Ji Hoo with whom she finds comfort.

Episode 2

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- Jan Di's Shinhwa life continues. She fights Jun Pyo back but the story just got more exciting as Jun Pyo continues to enjoy seeing Jan Di suffer not knowing that he is slowly liking Jan Di now. In this episode, Jan Di meets Ji Hoo's best friend Min Seo Hyun who's like his big sister (and his secret love) who's also very kind to her.
Kilig moment : Ji Hoo carries Jan Di. She wore a wonderwoman outfit because she thought it was a costume party while everybody else was on their cocktail dresses. Seo Hyun also helped her and gave her a dress.

Episode 3

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- Ji Hoo then escorts Jan Di back to the party. Then, Jun Pyo accidentally falls into the pool upon seeing a roach (lol). Jan Di saved him. [Jun Pyo doesn't know how to swim.] Ji Hoo confesses his love for Seo Hyun but she doesn't accept it saying that Ji Hoo is only a little brother for her. Jan Di is also sad that her secret love Ji Hoo is rejected. Jun Pyo's mom appears in this episode.

Episode 4

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- Jun Pyo and Jan Di's first date! And their first night together! No it's not what you're thinking (perv! haha joke)!
- The story of Oh Min Ji.

Episode 5

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-I love this episode. This is the part where Jun Pyo saves Jan Di from the people in the school that were throwing eggs on her and accusing her of stuff. Then Oh Min Ji's story unravels - her childhood and Jun Pyo's great impact in her life. Then of course the New Caledonie trip! If you wanna see Lee Minho half naked you better watch this episode. Plus the scenes from New Caledonie are just amazing.

Here it is.. the part one of the bof screencaps post.

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