Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

Kkotboda Namja or Boys Over Flowers, the Korean version of Japan's famous manga Hana Yori Dango, finally hit the Philippine small screen. The Tagalog dubbed Boys Over Flowers started airing in the Philippines last May 11. It was 2003 when Meteor Garden was aired here and it marked the start of the Asian Drama invasion in the country. Since then, many TV series from countries like Taiwan and Korea have dominated the primetime slots while the first ones who invaded our televisions, the Mexican telenovelas remained in the afternoon slots.

Boys Over Flowers is one of the biggest hit dramas of Korean television. It is also the most talked-about and grandest adaptation of the Japanese Manga. The korean F4 is undeniably appealing and at the same time good in acting. The main cast include Gu Jyun Pyo(played by Lee Minho), the leader of F4; and the love interest of Geum Jan Di(played by Goo Hye Soon), the main girl character; Yoon Ji Hoo(played by Kim Hyun Joong leader of the boyband SS501), the silent F4 member and Hua Ze Lei's counterpart; So Yi Jung(played by Kim Bum), the playboy of the group; Song Woo Bin(played by Kim Joon rapper of T-Max), the mafia heir; and Cho Ga Eul (played by Kim So Eun), Geum Jan Di's bestfriend and Yi Jung's love interest.

As soon as I heard that Korea was going to produce an adaptation, I was so excited in watching it and was curious who the members of F4 were. It was aired on January 5 this year in Korea and had their last episode on March 21.

In my opinion, this is my favorite HYD adaptation. I haven't seen the Japanese version though because I never heard of it during the time it aired and it never hit the Philippine shore. In the following posts I will post the screencaps of all the episodes of Boys Over Flowers. I want to share some caps of the TV drama that made my heart melt during the months of January to March. :) :) :)

so watch out for it BOF fans..

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