Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kris Allen is the New American Idol

This is a very late post. Yeah, i know.. I was gone for a month and I was not able to keep track of American Idol. but.. Kris won! Congratulations to him. I was lucky that Starworld had a marathon last last week so I was able to see the episodes from the Top12. I guess many was shocked when it was not Adam Lambert who was announced as winner. The rocker whom I heard was offered to be Queen's frontman, had amazing vocals and of course thousands of fans. But the humble worship leader from Arkansas bagged the title. He also had great vocals and his genre is a little different than Lambert's so there's no way the two should be compared. Kris is more suited to Alternative and Pop kind of music while Adam, well, it's his title, the Rock God of Season 8.

It sounded like David Archuleta-David Cook battle right? At first, I was really putting my bets on Archie but I guess the voters didn't choose the one with a softer side (in vocals and in the type of songs). That's why I predicted that Lambert would win. But America decided. And this year, they chose the boy-next-door from Arkansas - Kris Allen.

hmmm.. could the pictures of Adam kissing boys affected the votes?

Anyways, here's the winning/coronation song of American Season 8 - No Boundaries. Congrats Kris. too bad you already have a wife. haha! but she's beautiful. ;)

And last year's coronation song - Time of My Life.

Aside from the announcement of winners, the thing that I always watch out for every season finale of American Idol is the winning song. I love listening to songs that have inspiring messages.

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