Monday, August 4, 2008


Last night, I received messages informing Iliganons of the protest against the inclusion of 8 barangays of Iligan to the ARMM in accordance to the MOA between the Gov't of the Republic of the Philippines(GRP) and the Moro Islamic liberation Front(MILF).. I thought it was just some false alarm or some joke but this morning, I got to school late because of the traffic.. Nagrally jud diay.. At first, I thought to myself, "Naa man puy sala ang government sa mga indegenous peoples of MINSUPALA kay according to my readings, wala man lang sila giconsult sa gov't ug gi-apil nalang sila dayon sa Pilipinas.. according to what i've read before, dili jud sila ganahan especially ang mga BANGSAMORO nga tawagon ug Pilipino.. di jud sila ganahan mahimong Pilipino.. " (for further explanation, consult Google hehe) But then, I researched about this MOA and I found out nga luoy kaayo ang Iligan, ang Mindanao ug and Pilipinas kung madayon na..imagine 82% of Iligan will be taken away! and COINCIDENTALLY, ang napili pa jud nila apilon sa ilang ancestral domain chuchu kay katong mga agricultural backbones of Iligan! Iligan pa kaha nang 18%?? I strongly oppose this MOA.. The president will really make a huge mistake if she will give way to these rebels.. I am so scared for Iligan.. and for the Philippines..

the following are links I have read regarding the issue:
link 1
link 2
link 3

i still have many questions about this.. unsa jud ang tumong sa MILF? if ever madayon ni, unsaon na lang ang Iligan? Will this be the start of the rebels' plan of proceeding to a greater cause? - separation and independence of Mindanao? (mao jud na ako gikahadlokan..) Though I like federalism, I just can't imagine what will happen to Mindanao kung sila ang mag-rule..

I know naa pay plebiscite pero duh.. imagina nalang.. gubot na kaayo ang Mindanao ana.. Plus basin i-tamper pa jud ang votes.. duh..

Another issue is that arose is that, this could just be GMA's gimik to amend the constitution and in turn extend her rule..I pray nga dili..

Karon naay temporary restraining issued by the supreme court to temporarily stop the signing of the MOA.. They really need to investigate on this issue! Kailangan nila i-solicit ang opinions sa mga residents ug leaders sa affected areas.

I hope i-discuss ni sa among History 3 ugma oi.. Dapat lang. Kaysa magpadayon sa ka-boring sa reporting! haaaaay.. I am also expecting our PolSci teacher to discuss this matter to us. I really want to know and understand unsa ilang buot ipasabot..

And to the president, please don't disappoint us more. Don't make the Filipinos hate you more.

To the mayor, I admire you. (ingon xa iya i-withdraw iya support kang Arroyo if signan jud ug dayon ang MOA)

Let's pray for our country..


  1. Hit the blog spot after a long time..I see you haven't been writing much these days..Is everything fine? or just like an ideal computer student busy with the instant preparation for the exams..

    I haven't written anything too offlate but the purpose of coming to blogspot has changed...but seems like I will have to learn Korean to make something out of it..

  2. yeah.. been really busy with school work these days. being on my junior year, it's quite difficult.

    thanks for reading my posts.. by the way it's not korean, it's bisaya. a dialect in southern Philippines. the post is about my rants about this Memorandum of Agreement that our government is about to sign with the rebels here in southern Philippines. In fact the situation here is quite problematic. But they said the military is in control.

  3. Didn't get the concept of the junior year thing..we dont have such a concept in India..i completed my graduation in 4 straight years in Information technology..Now at microsoft India.

    I thought it was korean because the last time we had a dialouge you thanked me in korean..

    Any suggestions as to how do I learn this dialect you use often??

  4. i mean i'm on my 3rd year in college now and the subjects are getting difficult.

    oh sorry.. i am learning to speak and write in korean. hmmm.. i don't think if there are online tutorials on how to learn the dialect.. why? are you interested in learning bisaya?

  5. Just to understand more of what you write..what are your subjects this year..database, crytography and alike :-)

  6. ah ok.. i think the best ways is to buy a bisaya-english dictionary. haha! that is if you're really interested..

    so maybe on my next posts, i'll try to make some english translations so you can understand what i'm talking about.

    my major subjects this semester are database management,software engineering and data structures 2..

    your course in college is IT too?

  7. I am not in college now..Done with my graduation in IT..Now I work with Microsoft, India..

  8. ah.. wow. microsoft!! great! you must be very good at your field..

  9. There's no WOW factor in my life..If you read my blog you would understand..I just work so that I have some bucks to sustain me and my famili :-).I see that you are also in Information technology..what are the plans for the future?? what technologies have you had a stint with??

  10. ok.. i will.. i have actually scanned your blog last time.. but i think i'm gonna read it from the beginning when i have enough time.. as usual i have loads of assignments and quizzes..

    anyways, i still don't know what's waiting for me after college. it will depend on how my OJT(on-the-job-training) will go this summer..