Sunday, November 10, 2013

Destructive Yolanda(Haiyan)

Look at Yolanda(International Name : Haiyan) almost covering the Philippines.
photo by : ABC News
If you've been watching the news, then I think you already know about Yolanda, the destructive typhoon has struck the Philippines last November 8. Seeing the damage it has done to my country is really breaking my heart right now. It is feared that at least 10,000 people lost their lives and there are still isolated places now with no electricity, cut-down communication lines, and no food. Some people, due to desperation and hunger, even resorted to looting and chaos in the places affected. Debris and remains of dead people are everywhere. These people have not eaten for days. It was reported that the storm surge, and the powerful winds of Yolanda practically washed away, like, 95% of Samar-Leyte provinces in Central Visayas, and to think those places are not the only ones affected. Every news report is really devastating. I'm thankful that I'm safe and my family is safe but its heart-breaking to see that my countrymen, who are not yet even over the loss of hundreds of people when a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the Visayas Region last month, are now again facing this. But we've been through a lot of destruction before and we've proven to the world that we're strong people and I know Filipinos will stand again. These tough times may crush our hearts but not our spirit. I'm positive that we will come out as even stronger country after this.

Help my fellow Filipinos during this tough struggle by donating in kind or in cash. Rappler put together in one post the links of organizations collecting relief donations for the typhoon victims. Follow this link and give help, they need help, the Philippines need help.

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