Monday, July 5, 2010

Alarming Suicide Cases

Okay I know I should be sleeping right now but I accidentally opened the profile of one guy from my school who committed suicide just a few weeks ago. He was the second this semester. The semester started first week of June. Yes, three suicide cases in MSU-IIT in just one month. Wait 'til it's Finals! Just kidding. 

The first guy killed himself because he flunked a subject. Stories say that it was his third time to fail the subject and he just couldn't accept it this time. The second guy committed suicide because of love problems. He was just a second year student! The third case was pretty dramatic I must say. He jumped off the overpass outside our school. The cause was apparently another relationship problem. 

I don't know their real stories, I haven't talked to them (oh God I don't want to either), but in my opinion, killing yourself because you are heartbroken is a very careless and immature decision. Many people are in the hospital right now dying to have the opportunity you have that you are living your life, studying in a good school, and there you are lying on the floor, cold and dead just because YOU killed yourself. They took their own lives. I'm not religious and I'm not a good Christian but I know and I believe that there's a God and that everything that happens  for a reason. We are here, breathing because He brought us here. If we are suffering, maybe it's because of our faults or maybe it's because of other people's faults, but it's just a detour. And in our lifetime we'll encounter hundreds of detours. But I believe He had it all mapped out. Our purpose, our destination. We have choices, that's why life is a maze. We can choose, out of the millions of paths, which one to take to get to our destination. But for sure in every avenue, in every road, in every corned someone is there to call us and guide us to the right path if we just ask for His help and listen to Him. 

Don't get me wrong, I have problems too. I've had struggles too and I sometimes think of giving up. But I'm thankful that I have friends and families to run to. No matter how little or how big our problems are there are always people who will listen to you. Trust me. No matter how embarrassing or how impossible it may be, tomorrow is always another day. So lighten up. There's someone out there bigger than your problems. Someone or something brought you here and it's only Him who can take that life back. 

On another note, the school should act on this too. 3 suicide cases in just one month is alarming. Maybe it's time to have some compulsory counselling schedule? Or should there be religion classes? But that would be under big debate. I don't know what could be the best thing to do but the school and the youth council of the city also should do something regarding this matter. It's so creepy, when you walk in the school grounds, among all the people you meet along the corridors, one of them might just be the one whose Facebook wall is filled with RIP posts the next day. What has happened to us youth these days? T_T


  1. No fingers should be pointing to the girl who broke up with him. Killing his own life was his decision. How ridiculous for someone to do that out of a heartache. At his age? Twas really really immature and a waste of life.

    I agree with you. There are far too many people around the world who would've switched places with him for the life he lived at a blink of an eye. tsk. such a waste of life.

  2. another one committed suicide this month 'coz of another heart ache D: