Friday, January 29, 2010

SNSD is Back with 'Oh!'

Yes, the girls who rocked 2009 with Gee and Tell Me Your Wish are back with their second album Oh!. Their music video featured the 9 cute girls wearing cheerleading outfits. SM Entertainment never fail to give them good and very catchy song. Just like last year, I bet Oh! is going to top the charts and be a hit not only in Korea but also in the rest of the world (considering 1M views of their MV in SM's Youtube channel).
I love their new look especially Yuri's hair! She looks so cute with those curls. Hmmm.. I wonder when they will have "mature" and sexy songs. Well, they still suit the cute category so I think it won't be anytime soon. haha! In fact when you say Kpop a lot of people remember SNSD as the cute Gee girls.Anyhoo.. I still like them. ^_^

Here's their most awaited music video.. :) Enjoy!

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