Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Breakthrough in Insurance Industry

The last time I cared about insurance was a few years ago when my mom's friend used to visit us a lot because she wanted to convince my mom about buying an insurance and ask her for help in getting more customers. That was when I was still a kid, back when insurance selling in the Philippines is still a house-to-house task. Now, it's different. Because we're now in the internet generation, there's nothing that you can't find in the world wide web just as there's nothing that Google can't help you.

For insurance shoppers, there are A LOT of insurance companies worldwide that you can check out and available online. Looking for which company and which health insurance package isn't a problem anymore because there are tons to choose from. Another useful concept is about health insurance leads. This is definitely a great help for insurance agents and brokers. If before insurance agents need to go house-to-house and spend time, effort, and money on sometimes a fruitless search, today, there are companies like ProspectZone whose work is to connect insurance shoppers and insurance agents. This way, their search for insurance buyers is more effective.

Basically, the process would be like this, ProspectZone has a lot of connections to qualified health insurance shoppers and when a prospect shopper wants to search for an insurance agent, the health insurance lead is forwarded to insurance agents subscribed in their areas. This offers a great deal for both the insurance shopper and the insurance agent. Thanks to health insurance leads companies like this for bridging the insurance needs of shoppers and the search for qualified prospects of insurance agents.

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