Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy for After School Because of You!

haha! Does the title even make sense? I have a new girl group addiction which started this year. They are branded as the Pussycat Dolls of Korea! They are known to have a sexy, sophisticated, yet (still)cute image and they're definitely very talented. Do you guys have a clue now who I'm talking about?

It's After School!

I just got hooked by these very talented girls after I heard their song Because of You (너 때문에). It's really addicting and the music video is very good too. My friend has been telling me how good they are since last year but I didn't believe it because their past song Diva didn't impress me much. But after listening to their new album and watching some clips of them displaying their talents not only in singing but also in dancing, I instantly got hooked. A trivia about them is that they performed as opening act when Pussycat Dolls held a concert in Korea last year. Personally, I like them better than Pussycat Dolls talent-wise. Because in Pussycat Dolls I only hear Nicole singing while the others are just doing backups and dancing in the background. I believe they all have great voices but I just don't like it that Nicole gets all the attention even in music videos. Anyway, going back to After School, they are composed of 7 members. They debuted with 5(Kahi, Bekah, Jungah, So Young, Jooyeon) members but in April 2009 Uee was added to the group and in the latter half of the year, a member So Young left the group and before releasing their new album in the end of 2009, they introduced 2 new members, Raina and Nana. Another interesting fact is that Kahi (Park Kahi,박 가희), the leader of the group used to be a backup dancer for Boa, Gummy, and other artists from 2002-2006. Bekah(Rebekah Kim), the rapper, is a Korean American who was born and raised in Hawaii. Uee, upon joining the group, instantly got popular in guesting in a lot of variety shows. Nana, the youngest, is I think the tallest too. She's so beautiful that she looks like an anime. haha! She could be a model seriously. My favorite is Raina. I just love love love her voice.. She has a pretty face too. Well, all of them are really pretty and very talented so I'm just really amazed by them. I hope they do well and produce more great music. :)

Here's After School with the Music Video of Because of You.. my favorite song these days..

and here's why i really like Raina.. watch this..

and this..

hahaha! enjoy guys.. by the way, the fan club of After School is called Playgirls.. and one who leaves the group (ex. SoYoung) is called a graduate of After School. cool isn't it?

credits to the official AfterSchool thread in for the info about the girls. and for AfterSchoolCraze Youtube accounts for the videos..

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