Saturday, December 27, 2008

Super Junior in My Heart

i watched Super Show again. it's really amazing. super junior is the best. i will never grow tired of following their journey until the the sapphire blue pearl balloons is scattered all over the planet. i can watch their videos the whole day and never say it's too old. i can listen to their songs over and over again and never say that even one song is becoming ordinary because i kept playing it on repeat. yep. maybe that's how i love them.
this is actually my first blog post about super junior. and also my first post in this new blogger blog. :) i promised myself that 2008 would not pass without me posting something about them in this blog.
once upon a time, in my history class, we were teasing our friend because she was becoming crazy over a 13-member Koren boyband who by the way looked gay for me. haha. i loved the melody of the song and the hype of their video Happiness (Haengbok) though. i kept humming the first verse and realized that soon i wanted to download the video from youtube. i never thought that after some time, i will also get addicted.
it started on the summer of this year (2008). the first songs that captured me were Happiness and Miracle. gawsh. the first dance move that i loved was Eeeteuk's in Miracle (second verse). the pretty boy that first caught my eyes was Donghae but my first love was[and still is] Ryeowook. then.. you already know what happened next... it was like i was struck by an incurable disease. and even if there's cure, i don't want to get well. haha.
they debuted in November of 2005. 13 boys who patiently waited for their turn to take the spotlight, persevered, and trained hard in the portals of SM entertainment only had their dreams, determination, and talent as weapons to criticism and fear. as a group of well-rounded entertainers (singers, dancers, actors, models), and as brothers as well, they have gone through a lot in and outside their entertainment lives. and i admire them for their love of what they do and love of their brothers(co-members), family, and fans. three years have passed and i can see they still have that goal to be the best in Korea, Asia and in the whole world.
i may not know them personally, and some might think that i'm too obsessed already, but i have to say that i am so proud for what they have accomplished. this attachment that i have for them, i think, will never break even as i (and Super Junior) grow old. they became part of my life and they are my "uppers" when things go wrong. just as ice cream and dark chocolate as my comfort food.
if i could give them a message, i want to say it personally. haha. someday, i will meet them. i will be one of those fan girls singing Marry U in their Super Show as the 13 of them sit on the stage and listen to us ELFs sing for them. then when i see tears in their eyes because of thankfulness and unbelief of how far they've come, for sure i'll be crying too. just like how i shed tears the first time i saw a clip of that part of Super Show, just like how i cry every time i watch Super Show (in dvd) alone, maybe even more tears will flow when i'm already there in the audience chanting "saranghae" and singing Marry U with the ELFs.
gawsh i hope i can. i'll look forward to that day. if only they could be a band for the rest of their lives. haha. but they will be Super Junior forever. :)

"..until the Sapphire Blue Pearl balloons cover the entire planet.." - Super Junior Leader Eeteuk
"..until the Sapphire Blue Pearl balloons cover the entire planet.." - Super Junior Leader Eeteuk
hahaha this is the result of Super Show. i'm sorry oppas i couldn't buy the original dvd yet since i don't have enough money. i know it's illegal. sorry. i'm lucky because there are many nice ELFs that uploaded some clips for us to download. someday, when i'll have money of my own i will buy original ones and that's for sure. but i believe that more than the revenues that fans can give, it's their unending moral support that matters most.
to Eeteuk, Ryeowook, Shindong, Sungmin, Heechul, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Yesung, Siwon, Hankyung, Kibum and Eunhyuk.. continue to follow your dreams! i will never get tired of being a fan.
wooooot. it's as if they can read this. haha. i wish. i wish... ok enough now. hahaha. i just got carried away(again) with the Marry U and Believe part of Super Show.
Super Junior Hwaiting!

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  1. same here!!
    super junior rock my world!!~
    Let's continue to support them,
    until the official color of the planet
    becomes apphire blue!!