Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret? (Orphan Movie Review)

This is one suspense movie that’ll make you be afraid of adopting children from orphanages.

The story starts with a couple trying to find a child to adopt in an orphanage and discovers a child there so different from the others, loves to paint, with a prim and proper façade, and talks so mature for her age. Esther is a nine-year-old girl originally from Russia. The couple, who thought of adoption for them to recover from the loss of their unborn child, ended up adopting Esther. What they did not know was that Esther is not the sweet and modest little girl they thought she was. As she lives with her adoptive family, a series of horrible events lead them to suspect that there must be something wrong with Esther.

Actually, she’s from a mental institution in Russia and has the record of being the most violent patient there. She has a very rare genetic disease that makes her appear like a child but she’s actually already 33 years old. It turns out that she had feelings for her adoptive father and because she saw her adoptive parents having sex, she started to get mad and caused those terrible events like killing the nun that visited their home to warn her parents about Esther’s past records, setting a fire on her foster brother’s treehouse, and cutting down the roses that were her mother’s remembrance of her unborn child.

It’s really a very intriguing movie that will surely make you think and analyze. Isabelle Furhman, who played the role of Esther, really portrayed her character well. And I also think Vera Farmiga, excellently played her role as Kate, Esther’s mother. The development of the characters in the movie was showed excellently too. This movie is definitely a horror movie that you should not miss. And who survived in the end? Well, it’s for you to find out. You better watch Orphan now and find out what is really wrong with Esther.

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