Saturday, November 14, 2009

You're Beautiful (미남이 시네요)

My current addiction. This is another good Korean drama. It features the life behind the angelic looks of A.N. Jell, an idol group. The story revolves around Go Mi Nam(고미남)/Go Mi Nyu(고미뉴), a clumsy aspiring nun whose twin brother got accepted as a member of the famous idol group A.N. Jell. But because of certain circumstances, when her twin brother was about to debut in a group, he couldn't be there so Mi Nyu had to pretend that she's Mi Nam. Everything was going well at first but no secret can be kept hidden so as (episodes) days pass by Go Mi Nam's adventure as a girl pretending to be a guy becomes difficult. Hwang Tae Kyung(황태경) is the clean freak, and snobby leader of the band who soon becomes Mi Nam's closest "hyung" in the band. Despite Tae Kyung's very strong personality, he and Mi Nam goes along really well especially when Tae Kyung discovers that she's a girl. Kang Shin Woo (강신우) is the sensitive member who easily discovers Go Mi Nam's true identity but because he wants to protect Mi Nam, nobody knows that he(Shin Woo) knows Mi Nam's secret. Jeremy is the bubbly magnae(i think) of the group.

I really like this drama. I think it's more fun than Boys Over Flowers. Maybe because I'm a fangirl so it gives me more insight about idol groups in Korea. Well I just finished watching Episode 9. Actually this airs in Korea on Thursdays and Fridays and last Friday, was Episode 12. I'm a bit late but it's okay.. I think Episode 9 is one of the best episodes of YB so far.. I'm excited to know what's gonna happen next. But I'll watch the next episode tomorrow.

And.. I want the pig rabbit Tae Kyung made(performed a surgery on) for Go Mi Nam. hahaha!

The episode keeps getting better.. so watch out for it. It's only up to 16 episodes so it's gonna end soon. I hope they would extend it though.

If you want to watch this drama, you can visit WITHS2 subs for the English subtitles. Thanks WITHS2 for the great subs as always. ^___^

and because he's my favorite.....

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