Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Want a Personalized Duffle Bag for Christmas!

Since it's holidays I don't have much to do so for the past week I just had movie marathons and Kdrama marathons. Actually, I have lots to do but I want to enjoy the holidays so I'm setting them aside until after our highschool reunion. haha! Then I'll do my assignments and take a break for the New Year celebration. I hope I have more time to enjoy and just be a couch potato. Haha!

Today I watched some episodes of Iris, my new addiction. It's a Kdrama that just aired its last episode last week. It's a great action-drama series starred by Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee. I'm going to make a review of the drama Iris soon. I love, love, love it. Its cinematography, plot, script, cast, and acting - definitely fantastic. I'm hoping to finish watching it this week.

After watching Iris, we went to the city to buy some groceries that we forgot to buy last week for our Noche Buena. There were so many people in the mall and in the streets. I had fun looking at them and walking past them. I can really feel that it's really Christmas in just a few hours. But of course because of the Christmas rush, I expected the very long queues in the counters. Good thing I have already bought my gifts last week to avoid such hassles. I'm very excited to see my sisters' reactions when they open the gifts I bought them. I hope they'll like it. But what I'm more excited about are the gifts I'm going to receive. Who wouldn't be excited right? Christmas, aside from being about God, is also about giving and receiving. And one of the best gifts you can give to students like me is a personalized duffle bag! People who personally know me know very well that I'm not a very big fan of collecting bags. I only get those which I really need. In fact I only have one for each special need I guess. And this personalized duffle bag is one that is not yet in my closet so I will really be delighted to receive one of these cute duffle bags for Christmas. Well, of course, it would be much better if you personalize it and print Super Junior members' names there. I'm also thinking of giving some to my friends and relatives after the Christmas break. A laundry bag would be nice for my classmates who are living in boarding houses and don't do the laundry themselves. Insulated lunch totes would also be best for my cousins who are still students. Wow. In just a matter of time it will be Christmas and I can smell excitement everywhere I go. Merry Christmas everyone!

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