Sunday, December 6, 2009

Must Watch : Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

These two movies have been on my desk for almost a year now but it was only last week that I found time to watch it. If I only knew it was a very good movie I should have watched it before. It may be one of the best lovestory movies I've ever watched. You might get bored the first time you watch it but if you're patient, you will definitely enjoy it. Why did I say you might get bored of the movie? Because the whole movie, they did nothing but walk and talk about anything.

Before Sunrise is the first movie. The story starts with an American guy and a French girl who met on a train in Europe. They guy, played by Ethan Hawke, is on his way back to the US and the girl, played by Julie Delpy, is headed to Paris. When they met, they enjoyed talking to each other and so the two disembarked in Vienna a day before Jesse's (Ethan Hawke) flight back to the US. Since they did not have money to stay in a hotel, they decided to spend the night walking around Vienna and talking to each other and as hours pass, they discover more about each other and got amazed that they have something so exciting between them and thought that they have a romantic connection. When the two separate in the morning, they promised to meet each other there after 6 months without even exchanging numbers, addresses, and even full names.
The next movie, Before Sunset, was 9 years after that brief encounter they had in Vienna.
Jesse is now a writer and Celine now an environment advocate. Jesse's book, which was basically about his encounter with Celine in Vienna, was a bestseller in America, and he was in Paris for a book signing event. While Jesse was busy with the event, Celine was in the audience, and then the two met again. And again, it might be another brief encounter for them because Jesse is leaving for the US at sunset. Making use of the little time they got, they walked around Paris and talked, to catch up with each other. Well, whatever happened 6 months after they met in Vienna? They did not meet at the train station on the day that they promised to. Jesse came, and waited but Celine never arrived. It turned out that Celine wasn't able to come because that day, was the burial of her grandmother. After that day, Celine regretted not meeting Jesse and of course, Jesse was hurt when Celine didn't show up. Because they didn't exchange any addresses and numbers, there was no way for them to contact each other anymore. Now, Jesse is married and has a son and Celine has a boyfriend. As they make the most of the very little time they have, their old feelings suddenly came back and all the while, despite the 9 years that they did not see each other, they have thought that they could have a different life had they met 6 months after they met in Vienna, or had they not separated 9 years ago. The movie's last scenes were in Celine's apartment, when Jesse walked her home before he catches his flight. In the apartment, Celine sang a song for Jesse and the lyrics were about their brief encounter. Celine reminded Jesse that he still has a flight to catch and Jesse just responded, "I know."

So how did the story end? It's up for you to decide. The movie did not have a concrete ending, it just ended there. It's up to the viewers' creative minds to either end the movie happily or practically/realistically.

Here are the trailers..

It's definitely a must-watch!

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  1. I also love this movie. I fell in love with this movie even before watching it because of Ethan Hawke. XD Though at first it was boring, I became curious as to what will happen in the end and decided to just stay and finish the whole movie. I'm happy that I watched it. :D