Thursday, January 3, 2008


Last year, I had a long list of things I should resolve for 2007 but I think I only succeeded in one or two of them.. Stop cursing is one (thank God).. I guess having attended a bible study helped me a lot in reconstructing myself last year. I am happy that I have changed some of my negative attitudes and insights about life. And this year, I want to be a better Christian.
I don't really have a definite list for my 2008 New Year's Resolution because I decided not to list a lot so that I won't get disappointed if in the end of the year, I find out that I wasn't able to resolve the things I listed. But on the other hand, I think I should have New Year's Resolution for me to assess myself at the end of the year. So I'm going to try to list my New Year's Resolution here today..

1) Go on a diet/Lose weight/Stay Healthy - how many years have I been wanting to achieve that body I've always longed for? haha! but I think I am improving.. it's really hard for a person with ulcer to go on a diet you know..Tip:(i read this from Cosmo mag) just EAT RIGHT.. and with that I mean to give your body the proper amount of nutrients, carbs, fats(good calories) that it needs so that you won't go on munching on burger or cookies for snacks..
2) Save Money - since I am on my 2nd year on college now, I need to start saving for my future.. and stop spending my money on useless things(like food.. err i just love to eat!)..I think me and my barkada need to minimize having a FEELING-RICH-DAY..all the impulse shopping and eating a lot out..
3) Go on adventures - i really need this.. i need to explore the world now.. because i know that when i graduate and have a job, i can't do it as often anymore..
4) Have more time for my family - do i need to say more? i just love laughing my heart out with them and strolling in the city walks with my sisters..
5) Control my Mood Swings and Temper - oh my.. i'm such a moody person.. really.. even small things affect my mood and so the rest of my day.. :(
6) Live a Stress Free Life (at least try to :P) - oh i know it's going to be hard... especially with my CSs121 subject.. grabeh maka-stress jud kaayo.. just thinking about it.. err.. but I know I can do it.. I need to..
Secrets to Stress-Free Life:
- pray
- talk - tell your best friends how you feel - they will listen.. and they don't have to say anything, their presence(especially a hug) is more than enough to cheer you up and tell you everything's gonna be alright
- write a journal or a blog - writing your thoughts is a healthy way of letting your emotions out.. it's proven and tested friends..
- pamper yourself - go out with your friends - have a FEELING-RICH DAY once in a
- sleep right, eat right - this is really helpful.. promise!
- eat your "pamper-food" - just invented a new term! lol - in my case my "pamper food" is ice cream, it really makes me feel good especially on a BIG, STRESSFUL day..
- pray, pray, pray - no one can ever be of greater help than our Bestfriend..

**from some magazines, friends' advices, personal experiences, and some self-help books..
I hope it helped.. because it really works for me..

so, that's it for today.. i just enumerated my New Year's Resolution.. plus some bonus tips.. hehe! I hope I will be successful in working to resolve the things I listed. I hope..

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