Saturday, January 12, 2008


Quizzes, exams, assignments... errr.. student life.. This week is my first stressful week of the year and I know it's just the start. At least my Data Structures and History prelim exams are over. But despite all the pressure in my studies I still managed to get my hair cut last wednesday and I really felt good after. I promised myself a new haircut before school starts in 2008 but I only found time to do it this week. Thanks for the holiday.. My exam results in some of my subjects were also released this week.. Thank God I passed though I didn't achieve very high scores, passing is enough.. But of course getting a score a bit higher that the passing score is more fulfilling. I know I don't deserve them though because I didn't study seriously. That's my after-break-laziness syndrome. After the Christmas Break my study habits changed or should I say, "Do I still have study habits??" haha! I really need to improve in my studies... Especially that my subjects are getting more and more difficult. I need to brace myself for more next semester. Argh... I though IT is an easy course... Much as I want to back off and shift to another course, I can't and I won't. I don't have any idea what course I'm going to shift to. I'm going to make it to IT. I'm going to graduate... haha! just cheering myself up...
I wasn't able to attend our Bible Study today because I overslept. Actually I didn't want to go because of my English assignment so before I slept I told myself that if I wake up in time, I'm going. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to wake up before 1. Then my friend called, nobody showed up in our Bible Study but her. I hope she's not mad at me for not telling her that I couldn't come.

It's already late... I need to sleep.. I forgot to mention that I only had at most 5 hours of sleep everyday this week.. I usually need 10 hours to function normally(lol) so I think I really need to make up for the sleep deprivation I had this week.. That's why I finished my English Homework today so that I can rest tomorrow and not wake up early.. Gotta got to sleep folks! God bless!

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