Thursday, February 21, 2008


That hurts.. What is really more important to me? What are my priorities? Been really busy with my studies these days/weeks.. Then an unexpected problem came up. I felt weak. I prayed. I know I was also the one who caused it. I keep on disappointing them. I'm sorry for that, really. Again, He saved me. He helped me again. Just as the song goes, "how many times have I broken Your heart? but still You forgive, if only I ask.." Ouch! I've been here many times. Always taking my time doing my own thing then when something "bad" comes up, I get weak. I nearly dropped off. Then He saves me. As if He's calling me to come back to Him. I always fail to realize and keep in mind how lucky I am to have Him. And I even ignore Him sometimes. Sorry God...

OUCH! I was supposed to got to sleep now but a statement from a new-found friend really bothered me.."What's more important to you?"

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