Saturday, March 1, 2008


These past days, I am going though a spiritual battle and I know I am having trouble accepting and admitting it. The hardest part of being a Christian is maintaining and fueling your fire for God. It's true. Some days will come when even though you are not facing big waves and storms, you just seem to be so weak and so afraid to face the world because you feel like you are starting to drift away from Him. Maybe it's caused by our own faults, you know, not attending church, failing to dwell in His word, or maybe just merely not paying attention to Him or listening to Him. It's so hard. I actually wanted to attend a bible study today but to my disappointment, it was canceled. I needed it especially that I don't have a bible here with me now because someone borrowed it. Prayer is my only shield at the moment. I know and I have faith that I'm going to get over this. I believe that I am going through this situation because He wants to show something to me. Everything happens for a reason.

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