Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm never the friendly type, not even approachable. I had attitude problems, and I sometimes couldn't understand myself. That's why I will never be surprised if I find out that 90 percent of the people who knows me don't really have a grip of what I really am. But I'm so blessed to have people who stand by me even in the most silent times of my life and sees me through even when my wild side is all that surfaces. I don't have many friends. I know a lot of people(even though many of them don't know me) and I have a lot of acquaintances but I don't have many friends. In this very mean world, and for a meanie like me, I consider myself really blessed and I'm very thankful for these persons - my friends. In my 18 years of existence, I met a lot of "friends" but not all of them were true. Many stabbed me in the back, and some just left me hanging. Hence the maybe-less-than-20 number of persons I consider friends. Some of them were even my enemies before and some were close to me like my sisters. I guess that's just the magic of friendship. There are people who are already part of the life God designed for you. It's like they were destined to be your neighbor, your accomplice and partner in crime, to be the daughters of your parents' friends, to be your competitor from your gradeschool medals, to talk to you during your highschool enrolment, to act weird so you can backbite them during your dramatic highschool days, to be so talkative and sometimes tactless so that you would quarrel almost everyday, and to save you from boredom in college(and not to mention help you rebuild yourself and your faith) - like fate assigned them to meet you at a certain part of your life and made you who you are today. I don't have lots of friends; they may not be with me all the time, but I feel so blessed to have them. They are my precious treasures. I may not be a perfect friend, I may even be a bad influence sometimes but I know they will not desert me, they will take me for who I am, for who I'm not and will never be.


  1. I don't know what makes me follow your blog...but i just do..for no particular reason...the same way I don't understand why am i writing this..why do i have to make you know that i read you...

  2. wow.. thank you. i thought nobody reads my posts. i don't really care if people read it though.. i just need some place to let all my feelings out especially when i don't have someone to talk to or i'm overflowing with emotions.. thanks though! i appreciate it. :)