Sunday, May 11, 2008


Thanks to the 2-day transport strike we will not have classes tomorrow until Tuesday. (It's not actually a good thing because it's a sign that jeepney fare is going to increase due to the continuous increase in gasoline in the world market. Enough about that.) Because of the "long weekend," we decided to have DVD marathons! And first in line is a Korean drama series entitled "A Tree in Heaven/Heaven's Tree/Tree of Heaven" starring Lee Wan(Kim Tae Hee's brother[the girl from Love Stroy in Harvard], he's a very good actor and also handsome ^^,) and Park Shin Hye(sigeg hilak! :P). I've never cried this much since Love Story in Harvard and Princess Hours. It's the most heartbreaking story I've ever watched. I think almost 90% of their life(in the series) was made up of miserable experiences. They were always crying and heartbroken. It was such a sad story. Even the ending was not what I expected(they did not have a happy ending..*spoiler!*). Shocks! It was the saddest Koreanovela I've ever watched! Despite everything that hindered their relationship, they proved that what they have and feel for each other was unconditional.

Grrrrr.. Namatay lang si Lee Wan! huhu..

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