Monday, September 14, 2009

Must Watch : Fireproof

Love is not a fight. But it's something worth fighting for.

This is another must-watch. Fireproof is a Christian film, maybe the second Christian film I've watched this year next to Passion of Christ. This is about a firefighter who saves life but is on the verge of not saving his marriage. The principle of not leaving his partner in firefighting is instilled to him - but not in his marriage. They have been married for many years but they didn't notice that each day, they have been growing apart.

He was ready to give his marriage up after a big fight he had with his wife one morning until his parents asked him to postpone working in the divorce papers for 40 days and instead to the Love Dare. He listened to his father and did the Love Dare. Slowly, change is happening to him, as he gets to know God even though he refuses to at first. While his wife begins flirting with her officemate, he starts to understand that for him to love others, he must understand Christ's love for him first.

Then after a while, her wife got convinced that he has really changed and understood that she too needs Christ in her life. They started anew and she asked him if he could help her find her way to living life with Christ.

This movie is really good. I learned a lot of lessons especially regarding relationships. It's really a miracle how He makes a change in you if only you call for His help.

here's the trailer of the movie :

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