Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking About Ecommerce

Well, I don't have an eCommerce subject today but some of my classmates are taking up the subject so I also get to hear a lot of comments about it. For their project, they are to choose a client, a business enterprise, that wants to expand into online selling, then they make a website for that client, and if they're lucky enough that their client likes the website, they're going to get some money from their project should the client decide to buy it. I think most of the subjects on this supposed-to-be-last-semester are all business related. We also have Information Resource Management which I also consider to be business-related because it involves using Information Technology for good decision-making of companies. We have an Entrepreneurship subject too. So I guess our 4th year is a preparation for us going into business after graduating.

Well eCommerce is not really just for those who have studied and mastered IT. Anybody can research about it and self-study its concepts and how to build an eCommerce site. Basing on how the students who are taking up the subject give comments about it, they seem to have no problem learning eCommerce so I guess it's not that difficult. So since I'm not graduating yet, I'm thinking of studying it, and practicing how to build eCommerce sites, look for a good ecommerce web hosting, and hopefully, if my business-minded friends would like it, then I'm going to sell it to them. But I'm also thinking of going into business myself so I think I have to make myself an eCommerce website first. Of course an ecommerce web hosting is an important thing to consider since I wouldn't want to risk the security of the business and the customers of the site for having an ineffective webhost.

I've been really into baking these days so can selling home-made cookies be a viable business? I can see a lot of people who are selling pre-owned clothes over social networking sites too. I think they could be good clients.

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