Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's Happening with 2PM and Hottests? Words of a Fangirl

What I’ve been reading about 2PM, Jay, and the conference yesterday is really driving me crazy. Especially when photos of 2PM members probably intoxicated and a photo of Junsu with Waii. Should they really resort to this just to get Jay back to 2PM??

I’m a big fan of 2PM and I too want Jaebum back in the group but I would never, ever neglect the feelings and the lives of the other 6 members just because I want Jay back. We have to remember that no matter how devoted we are to our idols, we are just fans. We don’t know them personally. We may be the ones who supports them morally and financially but we cannot dictate them what to do or feel. They have their own lives too. They have feelings too. Just because they are media icons doesn’t mean that they are obliged to make us happy all the time. Again, they have their own lives too, to attend to. I am just a fan and my only role is to support them whatever they want to do and wherever they want to go. I have a voice and a right to let this voice be heard by my idols and their management but it doesn’t mean that it is an assurance that they will listen to me. No matter how many people I drag who have same feelings as mine to voice out my disagreement to their decision, that doesn’t give me the right to change their decision. It will be up to them if they will listen or not. And whichever way they choose they are going to face the consequences too (since they’re people too like you and me) and I believe they are considering theirselves, their family, their management, their dreams too aside from their fans’ voices.

I’m not saying that I am contented with how it ended with Jay, 2PM, and JYPE. I have a lot of questions too. I want Jaebum back too. I also want to know what is it that Jaebum did that was bigger than his myspace controversy that it should leave us all with a 6-member 2PM. But if these questions cannot be answered today, I will understand. If it will be better for me, Jay, 2PM, and THEIR FAMILIES, that these questions be not answered during this time, then I’ll let it be. Let’s let it be. If they want to speak about it, if Jay wants to speak about all these and clear it up in due time, my whole heart is here to listen and understand him and the 6 members.. Because I’m their fan.

I am worried not only of their feelings but also their families. You, a fan, a person, should know that parents feel double the hurt we feel when other people hurt us. Do you want the 7 of them to suffer more just because of your feelings? Just because you are not contented seeing them apart for now?
I think it’s selfish.

Netizens sparking up and overreacting to the myspace controversies.

People judging Jaebum and wishing Jaebum would die.

Fans destroying 2PM’s albums and posters (which the boys worked hard for).

Fans abandoning 2PM and their management(w/c means abandonding their hope of achieving their dreams and helping their family too).

People wasting TOO MUCH of their time, strength, and money worrying and prostesting.

Pushing everything to the limits.

Pushing hard for something that is not achievable for now.

Rumors, controversies, harsh words and actions killing Jaebum, Chansung, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Nichkhun and Junho inside.

All these because they want a member back.

This is so selfish. So selfish.

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