Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glasses for Fashion or for Function?

When I was little, I really wanted my eyes to have defects so I could wear glasses. Haha. I wanted to wear glasses because I thought it was cool and when you see people wearing glasses your first impression of him/her would always be that she is an intelligent person. I thought the people who wear glasses for its function got eye defects because they read too many books especially at night and during brownouts. Wanting to be regarded as a bookworm, I tried reading books in the spots of the house where there's insufficient light for reading. But I eventually stopped it because I can't finish more than 2 chapters and I just fall asleep. Reading thick novels really make me want to sleep so never did it again.

As I grew older, I met and had friends who don't have good vision and I realized it's not easy to have eye defects. And also, reading glasses isn't only for fashion or for one to be regarded as genius. It can also mean that you didn't take care of your health. Up to now, when I remember how much I wanted to have bad eyesight before just to wear glasses I just laugh at how stupid I was. It really pays to take care of your eyes. Isn't it good to know that you can still teach your grandchildren and help them with their assignments even when you're already 50?

But wearing glasses for fun and for fashion is really popular too. Having seen a lot of Korean celebrities' and friends' selcas, I think Asians really look good in glasses. And I know most of them are just wearing it for fashion. A lot of cute and fashionable glasses can be bought anywhere at very reasonable prices too. So whether for its function or for fashion, glasses are definitely in especially in Asia.

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