Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adorable Korean Child Actors

If you have seen the movie Speed Scandal, or watched 2PM's guestings on Star King before, then you probably know Wang Seok Hyeon. He became popular because of his role as Hwang Gi Dong, Cha Tae Hyun's grandson in that box-office movie. It's a very good comedy film and after I've seen it I just can't get enough of Wang Seok Hyeon's cuteness.

Who can ever forget this smirk?

That scene when they were playing Go-Stop, a Korean game, really made him famous. Because of that movie he appeared in a lot of commercials in Korea. He even recorded a song, a very cute song and performed it live too. He's really adorable!

I mentioned before that I have been following Chuno (The Slave Hunters), a new period drama in Korea. Well the crown prince in the drama, Prince Seok Gyun (real name, Kim Jin Woo) is really really cute too. He's the only remaining heir to the throne of Song Tae Ha's master the late Prince So Hyun. Since his family was killed because of some plague that spread throughout Jeju Island, the little prince must be saved for the future of the kingdom. He had a lot of scenes with Lee Da Hae and Oh Ji Ho in the drama. Lee Da Hae even posted some pictures of her with Jin Woo. He must be receiving a lot of love from Da Hae and the rest of the Chuno cast too. Another adorable and very cute kid on TV!

I wonder if these kids know that they are already working. I envy them because at such a young age they have already met a lot of famous and gorgeous people. How I wish I could adopt either or both of them. I'm sure our house will be filled with loads of joy if these kids are around. Since Wang Seok Hyun is now turning 7, I think he'll be enrolling in school soon. These cute personalized backpacks would be a good gift for him from a "noona" fan like me. A nap mat that comes in many playful colors is a nice buy for these kids too. I bet they (and their moms) will like it because it's really useful especially during their film or drama shootings. And I'm sure they will all look good wearing one from this collection of Stephen Joseph backpacks. I can just imagine Wang Seok Hyeon singing his I Love You song, and Kim Jin Woo enjoying some behind-the-scene bonding time with Da Hae, and wearing these cute bags like themselves. ^_^

PS. Kim Jin Woo didn't have many photos in the internet. I guess he's not that famous yet. But I really find him cute.

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