Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great English Cover of Taeyang's Wedding's Dress

I was doing my usual Youtube rounds when I found this video in Recommended Videos section. I really love Taeyang and I love, love, love, his song Wedding Dress. The melody, the painful lyrics, the music video, and Taeyang himself in the MV - it's just perfect. The song played on loop in my head for weeks since it was released. So what made me click the link to this cover was that it was an English cover. I've always been very keen about song lyrics. No matter how bad the melody or how much I hate the singer, I can love the song if its lyrics are good or something I can really relate to. So I wanted to know how he interpreted the song in English and much to my surprise, it's really good. There was also a rap verse added and it sounded really cool. If I have never heard of Wedding Dress before then I hear this song, I would definitely still fall in love with the song.

About the artist, I don't know if he's already signed or if he already has an album or if he's popular in Youtube or any place. Haha! This is my first time to hear his cover and I like it so I'll check his other videos out later. He's Korean by the way.

It's such a sad song. If you've seen the original music video, you can really feel sad for Taeyang giving away the girl of his dreams to his best friend (or is it his brother? I'm not really sure). It must hurt like hell for him seeing the one he loves so beautiful in a wedding dress but marrying his friend and not him. Worse is seeing the woman you love get out of your bathroom door, in her bath wrap, and waking up to the truth that you're only imagining. Haha!

But speaking of weddings, I also came across of some fun stuff that can be given as gifts to women today. These personalized ink stamps might just be perfect for your workmate who's getting married. A personalized platter would also be great if you want to stick to the traditional way of giving things for the kitchen as wedding gifts.

So enjoy the cover of one of my favorite Kpop songs. I know you would really like it if you're a kpop fan.


  1. OMG!!! I haven't seen the original vid.. BUT THIS IS GOOD!!!

  2. nice noh? ok pud iyang lyrics bah..

    you should watch the original daj. nice KAAYO. hehe!