Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Hankyung Really Leaving Super Junior?

Last year, Hankyung complained about the unfair terms of his contract with SME and filed a lawsuit against the entertainment company. There's a video clip I saw today about him finally speaking up about the lawsuit. It's just a preview of his whole interview but I believe he's implying that he really wants to leave Super Junior.

Everybody's still waiting for the decision of the court but fans can't help but worry about the 13-1 Super Junior. Kim Kibum, the youngest member did not participate in the 3rd Album and all of Super Junior's promotions last year because he wanted to focus on his acting career. Kangin, on the other hand, got into some serious trouble so he was suspended from participating in any Super Junior activities for the 3rd album (including Super Show2 Tour and commercials) after that as punishment. This leaves 10 Super Junior members to land in Manila on April 9 for the last leg of their Super Show 2 Asia Tour on April 10.

I'm very sad about this.
Super Junior is my favorite Kpop group. I've followed all their shows, performances, guestings, albums, and sometimes even their cyworld entries and stalker pictures in the internet. I'm sad that Kibum did not show up during the 3rd album time, I'm sad because Kangin committed mistakes, I'm sad that Hankyung has to leave. In the interview he said he wants to pursue an acting career too. Hankyung is the most popular member in China. He is also the member who suffered the most during Super Junior's predebut in Korea since he's not Korean and has to adapt to the Korean way of living and also had some citizenship issues (there was a time when he couldn't perform with Super Junior because of those issues). He's also not one of the main singers of Super Junior. But he's one of the best dancers. He's also the leader of Super Junior M - a subgroup of Super Junior that focuses on performing in China. About the unfair terms in the contract, I guess not only Hankyung but all of Super Junior members suffer from that but why is it only Hankyung who's speaking up? After he filed a lawsuit some "fake" documents surfaced in the internet that involves other Super Junior members also complaining about their contract but SME and the members confirmed the those documents were fake. DBSK also went through the same struggle last year when Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun wanted out because of unfair/slavery contract. I hope SME will learn their lesson and review and reconstruct the contracts of all their artists or they'll lose a lot of talented people, and in turn lose more money.
But to Hankyung, I'm disappointed that you are also being unfair to the other members. I know that the other members also have a choice and the right to complain about their contracts but where's the brotherhood you've all been boasting as a group? Argh. I'm just so sad to think about this issues. I hope it will all be over.

I wish he'd just say, "Fooled ya! Of course,I'm not leaving Super Junior!"

PS. Super Junior's 4th album is already in the works and Hankyung said in the interview that he's been resting since his schedules are all freed up. This means he's not participating in the 4th album... right? phew. T__T


  1. well.. he has the right to complain, cuz honestly, whatever terms on the contract werent fair. do you really want him to be unhappy? we all know that SUju cant be together forever. and just because he's complaining abut the contract doesnt mean he's hating on the other members. who knows if any other member's contracts are the same as his?

    if he does decide to leave Suju, then that's his choice. and we can only hope as fans, that he and the others will be ok.

  2. Yup..because i like Hankyung very much,its kind of sad to see him leave SJ..but he has the right to do so..his life,its his right to do the decision..as a fan,let's just hope that everything will turn to be okay for both Hankyung and SJ..

  3. I cannot accept that hankyung will leave super juniors I hope he will change his mind.

  4. aww.. he's my fave member of suju.. why is this happening ... :'(

  5. we cannot blame hankyung oppa..it wasn't his fault..i really hope that SME will realize their mistakes...why would they accept hankyung as a member if they will only make him suffer...i really feel sorry for hankyung... T_T

  6. there are so many ELFs hoping to see hankyung oppa again in stage together with other super junior members...

  7. SM Entertainment must deal with its talents fairly. Hankyung must get what he deserves. And he deserves a lot! I am sad because Hankyung is leaving SJ. SJ is the only Kpop Band which i admired so much. Its because of their love and care for each other. SJ became famous at 13 then they still must be 13! SJ is not SJ if there's no Hankyung in the band. We must support them all and pray for Hankyung to stay! :) SUJU HWAiTiNG!

  8. hankyung must be really bothered about this!
    this isn't an easy situation.. maybe while filing the lawsuit, he's thinking of the other members too and reminisce the memories they shared..


    guys.. fellow ELFs..
    Super Junior is Super Junior!
    never mind the members' count..
    HANKYUNG..from the very bottom of our hearts, HE's STILL A SUPER JUNIOR ♥


    this must not ruin their brotherhood-like relationship towards each other..most especially HanChul.. the OTP and best friends!

  9. I really sad if hankyung leaving super junior...oh no he is my fav member in suju....

  10. i'm also sad..:(
    even i'm not the die hard fans of suju..
    but..my idol group also faced the same situation...
    elf and cassies both share the same heart broken..
    let us always keep the faith and 13elieve with our boys...

  11. i wish he didnt leave! I wish SuJu stayed the same with Kibum and Kangin too...

  12. i'll miss him immensely but if he's unhappy it's best for him, i hope he becomes happier when/if he leaves and he pursues his acting dream. Hankyung fighting!

  13. I saw somewhere that Leeteuk said that he wants to see all the 13 members perform in one stage again before he enters military service.. Awwww. I really hope so too. I miss the 13 of them together. I miss Hankyung, Kibum, and Kangin so much.

  14. there are so many ELFs hoping to see hankyung oppa again in stage together with other super junior members...

  15. there are so many ELFs hoping to see hankyung oppa again in stage together with other super junior members...

  16. welll i also don't want to him leave because i am a new fan of super junior and started to listen their songs and he's one of my favourite