Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrations and Summer

Last week I went out-of-town with my college classmates to celebrate our classmate's graduation. We went to a beach resort in Talisayan, Misamis Oriental and stayed there for 2 days. I definitely had a blast during the whole time we were there. The sun was lovely, the beach looks so good, we had unlimited swimming pool and billiard hall use privilege, not to mention it was an all-expense paid trip. The best things in life are free. What's more fun than being in the beach, and playing under the summer sun with the best and most fun-to-be-with people in the world? I'm a very beach person. I just love the feel of my feet walking in the sand. Until now, I still get a wonderful feeling whenever I remember that weekend.

Just 2 days after, my stepmom's daughter came to visit Iligan City so we took her to the famous Timoga Spring Pools. It was actually an impulse decision for me again to join them since my best friend and I was supposed to hang out here in our house that day, I didn't know my step sister is coming and all. So yeah, since my sisters didn't want to swim anyway, my best friends tagged along and joined our "family day." I had a great time catching up with them and at the same time hanging out with my family.

So this summer has been soooo fun so far. It's just so good to bond with great people, eat good food, and just have fun under the summer heat. This summer is definitely another unforgettable summer. I can't wait to have more beach fun in the next weeks. But even though I'm not a sporty person, trying into sports activities for the rest of my summer would be a good idea too. I wonder how my other close friends are spending their summer. I guess most of them are into basketball betting now since the NBA Playoffs are already underway. My sister has been playing frisbee and I've been really meaning to join her but I can't wake up early in the morning. Haha! I want to learn how to swim too. Yeah, I love the beach but I can't swim. Such a pity, but I'll learn how to swim soon. My reviews for the certification exam I'm going to take will start next week. I hope I can still squeeze in some out-of-towns or beach outings with friends before that. It's just April and I'm very excited for the remaining one month of the summer.

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